my stand up comedy

Some of my comedy chops from the Washington DC Improv ~Enjoy

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11 comments on “my stand up comedy

  1. I put off watching this because I was afraid you might not be funny, and then I wouldn’t be able to say anything nice. 😉 Luckily you were! Nice job. And I admire a comedian who can be funny without resorting to crude humor or just swearing all the time. It takes a lot more work.

    Last summer, we paid good money to sit with our heads near the ceiling of the Warner Theater to see Brian Regan live. Maybe next time we’ll be there to see you!

    • Gwen, that is super that you were afraid to watch my stand up because you thought it would suck.. to be honest that was my first big crowd and I thought I did okay but I still sucked. I do appreciate you noticed I wasn’t crude. I was trying to be funny without cussing all over the place for no reason. I do drop f’bombs on my blog and I can be pretty snarky on Atomic Gator but I try to scale it back as much as possible. Every time I do write the word F@#k I think of my wife and you and Mirella and go back and forth if I really need it. Don’t tell my other readers ( i have a smartass image to keep up )
      Thanks again,
      By the way, Brian Reagan is hilarious, I love that guy, very very funny.

  2. Dude!!! That was awesome!!!

    I love the way you added the laugh tracks to make it seem like every body was laughing.

    Seriously though great job. Takes a lot of nerve to get up there. I wish you all the success in the world and I’m very jealous that your doing something you seem to love doing.

    Cheers! Fag!

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