jerk store

I have nothing to sell but when I do, I’m calling it:


When I’m famous I’m selling everything. Used gum, old underwear, spy secrets nothing is off limits (don’t tell the wife) Don’t worry there will be the usual suspects as well. Comedy DVD’s, T-shirts, wife beaters, stickers etc.

Till then, we’ll just have an empty building with a new JERK STORE sign out front that says coming soon. Which could mean tomorrow or in ten years, or anything in between.



13 comments on “jerk store

  1. I’m sure you could come up with some Atomic Gator mugs and t-shirts to put on Cafe Press or something right? If you want to be famous, you need to think famous! 😉

  2. Yeah, I’m working on this crap. Making T-shirts at cafe press or whatever is easy but I’m trying to decide if I’m moving my blog to a real web address. I think I should and if I do I will have to change the name. No biggie, but don’t want to invest in making logo’s and stuff then move my web address. I’ll get all this done shortly, by end of the summer. When I do, all the loyal visitors will get free shirt for starters. Right now the list is Gwen, Mirella and Brian/KA. List could grow but for now you guys are on the first free T-shirt list.


  3. You mean Atomic Gator is already taken? And did you know you can get the URL but keep using your wordpress site? At least until you’re ready to go pro with it. Good luck, and I can’t wait for my free T! 😉

  4. Looks like i have a domain name now and it directs to my blog. Not sure what else I’m going to do, but I’m on the way to finalizing everything.

  5. I want a t-shirt Rich cause I helped get the Trooper off a hill of dirt when you decided to go offroading

    • Oh yes, the infamous Off Road Adventures of Rich and Greg. I was so sure that stupid Tropper was going to fall right on it’s side. That was a dumb truck.

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