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but do me a favor, don’t text me, that’s gay.


11 comments on “contact

  1. Thanks so much Ryan, it makes my day when someone stops by the blog and is nice enough to leave a nice comment. I really appreciate it. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one reading my own blog. lol

    Thanks again, come by anytime.


    • I’m glad Atomic Gator made you laugh. As far as linking our blogs, I don’t know what that is. Perhaps your blog should buy my blog a drink first and we’ll go from there.

  2. Man this is some freaking great stuff man! I really think we have a similar train of thought and sick sense of humor. Check me out sometime, I’m signing up for ya now

    • Thanks for the nice comment Savinsomecash. PS You’re name sounds like spam just fyi… Maybe it is and the joke is on me…

  3. really funny site.. I can’t wait for the funny versions of those my family stickers either! those stickers are getting out of control I’ve seen them all around Sydney.

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