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Comedian, Writer, Graphic Designer

I’ve been called a comic genius. Seriously, I called myself that just the other day.

MOST importantly. Justin Bieber hater.



20 comments on “me

  1. Certianly a fun and varied blog. Not a sports fan myself, but can see some useful stuff here for such people. Your polls are good, but wonder if you get thah many voting?

    • I’m glad you’re having fun. You don’t have to like the Gators, thats cool with me as long as you keep laughing at my site. I’m cool with that 🙂

  2. I like your blog. It’s pretty cool… It’s Very cool that you are a stand up too. Always wanted to do that myself, just too much of a chicken S@#$ to go up and stage. Here’s one for your kid… What did Tigger say when he looked in the toilet??? Hey Poo I found you… LOL…

  3. Thanks Jenny, I’m always scared when I do comedy in fact I haven’t done any in a long time. Much easier and less stressful right here at home behind my computer.
    Come back anytime


  4. Yeah? Well you are dick! I’m sure you’de love to be in a Cat. 4 hurricane, day after day for about a week. You just sound scared. Jim Cantore has been doing this for 25 years, even in Cat. 5 storms. You don’t know a thing about him. I bet you can’t even go outside in the rain.

  5. Really Haley, you’re all worked up because I poked fun at Jim Cantore? This is a comedy blog, maybe if that offends you this isn’t the place for you. Because they’re a lot more offensive things on this blog than that.

    Thanks for coming by, even though you are NOT my target demographic. My readers are supposed to be open minded and cool. Oh well, you can now continue watching the Weather Channel.

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