7 comments on “I’m not trying to be a dick, but

  1. Jesus, I have to really figure out how to block you from my blog. They say “any” traffic is good traffic but not in this case, they don’t know you.

  2. Jason, I know you are slow (border line retarded) but my retort was not an invitation for you to post another reply.

    How were the Special Olympics this year for you? Did you get a medal again just for participating? Rhetorical question, you don’t have to answer this.

    • Weird thought here but something tells me that the guy that can’t spell BORDER shouldn’t be the guy calling someone retarded. Not sure why I think that, just a weird thought. TEACHE UR KIDZ HOW TOO READ GUD

  3. Waw Rich how did you find each other you and Jason? remind me of Lookitsbray, maybe it is him in disguise…..
    Loved the joke about Irene and the background picture of your website.

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