106 comments on “The US Post Office sucks and can go to hell *updated*

  1. The USPS in Atlanta sure sucks and they don’t give a rat’s ass about anything, plus they are mean to boot. They’ve proved that more often than they’ve raised postage rates. I’m sick of them. Your post sure gave me a smile today.

  2. wooowooo Rich, are we a little bit angry and pissed? this is one hell of a post… hope they will not read it or you will never ever have anything delivered to you… hehehehehee!!!

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  5. Try dealing with the P.O. when you run a business that requires delivery of more than 5 packages a week. You will truly see how bad the P.O. system really is.

    • thousands of people do and they send a lot more than 5 packages…. if you’re unhappy try UPS or FedEx (they use the postoffice to transport half or all of the shipment anyway) You can have a company run by shareholders and pay 70 bucks to overnight with the other companies

      • So you must work for the usps or be close to someone who is . I can’t see any other reason to defend anything those hacks do

  6. My postman will NEVER deliver a package to my house. I live way out in the country and he says there is not a secure place to deliver it too.
    My FUCKING driveway is 1/4 mile long up a hill,
    10 out of 10 so far this past 6 months. I complained to my local post office and they said, he is saying there is not a secure location to put the package. Fucking lazy ass MF
    He doesn’t deliver because he would have to drive up my fucking driveway.
    isn’t that what he is paid to do????
    mother fucking post office sucks
    If I worked like this I wold loose my job.
    No wonder why everyone hates public sector employees and there fat ass pensions.
    Take all of it back and make them work like the normal person.

    • I live in BFD, out in the middle on nowhere, try getting UPS or FeDUp, to deliver out he is IMPOSSIBLE! They will not deliver here because of where I live. I HAVE to use the USPS because they are the only one who will, thank GOD!

    • I’m gonna go out on a limb and say you don’t work teaching kids to spell. Well, not English, anyway. I’ve heard a suggestion that it’s just laziness, but it would make you a hypocrite and I’d prefer to believe something else.

      • I’ve heard being a grammar nazi is a horrible argument that people use when they have absolutely nothing else to say or counter with. Shut up already. Ancient post, yes, but the internet still stops by to see where you cemented your stupidity forevermore.

    • This is not the same situation, but I live in apartments and I can’t stand USPS, UPS, or Fedex. They are all super unreliable. The PO leaves notes in my mailbox telling me I have packages at our apartment offices and whenever I go down there, they don’t know what the hell I am talking about, so I have to go through the whole thing of trying to figure out where the hell my package is. Fedex and UPS are just as bad. Fedex has never, not even once, knocked on our door. They have left notes on our door saying we were not home when they came, but I have been there and they just didn’t knock. Also they will not deliver a package AT ALL and then when I track the same package it will say ‘Delivered’ (WTF?!) UPS is the same too…They are all amazingly idiotic and very frustrating to deal with.

    • I understand your frustration but “take all of it back?” All new postal employees, the younger, happier, nice ones that bust their ass from 6 am to 7pm six days a week, get paid less than half of what the old employees do, and they get no benefits, no schedule, nothing, zilch, zip, not even health insurance. So stop whining, the damage is already done and comming. You may think its an easy job, its not. The full time career regular employees has found a cozy position, and their greed plus the ignorance of the public (TAXES dont pay for mail, stamps do, if your taxes paid for mail you wouldnt have to buy stamps…. your taxes DONT pay for the mail…) and I will admit that the older employees can abuse their position… but most of the people work like slave labor and now that there is not even a single benefit to the deal, newer people will turn away, and it will all become privatized and that 46 cents you spent to ship a letter across the nation will now cost you 3 bucks. When your neighboorhoods become “sectors” and your mail is all thrown into a drop site for you guys to come and pick it up yourselves….as they are planning to do….you will wish you had gotten off your lazy duff and petitioned your congressmen and women to get off the post office and let them make money. Post office is in the position it is because government forced it to prefund retirements over 5 years. There is enough money saved from that to pay for all new employees and all new future employees….but all new employees dont even get any benefits let alone the same wage…. Any other company asked to front that ridiculous amount of money would also crumble. Get on your congressmen, tell them to end the prefunding, tell them to stop destroying the mail, and youll see more carriers doing their job correctly, rather than the same overworked 4 who DONT want overtime despite what govt tells you, and youll see it get better. Stop being lazy! If you have a problem, for or against, contact the people who represent you in your governemnt. Complaining and not taking action the right way leads to confusion, and then you have a bunch of idiots rioting a post office and murdering that good, new employee and doing NOTHING to even touch the real problem. Your kind of thought here leads to bad stuff in desperate situations. Calm down, and think.

      • HA! Sounds like someone just got a nice new job at the post office. Awww, cute. The post office is a huge federal behemoth that needs to die. I have been waiting for my paycheck (I have a job that requires intelligence and effort, unlike the people at USPS) for one solid week. I cold have walked to go pick it up by now. I light a candle nd say a little prayer every day for the postal service to finally stagger to its death. I’d pay three bucks to make sure something got somewhere in a non-1800’s timeframe.

      • Fact is your employer is doomed . Obviously from your post you can see they train you guys to not hold yourselves acountable for any of you many huge mistakes that cost your customers who knows what . No matter what my pay or treatment I’m not gonna make customers suffer who had no part in deciding where you want to work .quit crying and get to work bitch !

      • You are just as angry, Postal, as the rest of us. Problem is, you work for them, so you defend their interests. I will not stop until my mailman is fired and the hire a new one. I have been waiting over a month and a half for my unemployment, only to find out it was probably delivered to someone else. I had to have another one sent out to me and pretend to be on vacation for three days so they would hold my mail, and the carrier wouldn’t be able to throw it out somewhere. I will be picking it up on Saturday. I will let you know how it goes. I know this post is old buy my anger towards the post office is new. Im going to go postal if I don’t get my mail, plain and simple.

      • Dear Postal, or should I say whiner, young are just as bad as old and yes there are a FEW exceptions, but most of you are bad workers because you’re disgruntled, rightly so, but no excuse for your poor work ethic, or your just bad workers to begin with. Didn’t anyone take that oath seriously. I’m betting on the no answer for that one. If they did take it to heart there wouldn’t be theft, intentional damage of the customers private property, that means a package for you self entitled pieces of shit. I’m not even angry. I’m just being truthful. Like I said in a previous post. NO ONE with ANY self respect would tie themselves and stay with an organization like this. I use the word organization very, very loosely.

    • Bob, just had the same exact response this weekend. We have too long of a driveway also. I said can’t they get out of the truck and knock on my front door. No. If they feel this is a hazardous condition coming up my drive they do not have to deliver the package. WHAT? I do not know how to proceed because I got loud and she eventually hung up on me. I did put in a complaint to the Inspector General do not know if this will help me to receive my mail. I cannot get rid of my driveway. There is a safe secure area if they would just drive up. Just too lazy to do their job. Fed Ex and UPS will drive up.

  7. Oh and today I am having an overnight package sent to me. Guess what they have the day off. It’s veterans day. WTF
    Everyone I know has to fucking work unless you work for the fucking government.
    They suck
    Time for the people to take this country back from these lazy ass no working people.

    • Take your Damn Letters and your 41 cent forever stamp and walk your stupid letter across the United States and deliver it yourself in 2 days……People expect to be treated like kings to have something delivered cross country for a measly few bucks……HA…..LOSERS !!!!!

      • That isn’t the problem. When people do the job correctly, the package service is wonderful. The thing is, ALL of the employees have to be on the same page. Teamwork is a very foreign word them. We are talking about losers alright. You were right about that at least.

    • So bob, do you work 7 days a week? Because if you work 6 to 7 days a week, commonly from 6 am with a random split shift to beyond 7pm, with no benefits…. and then once every two months or so you get a day off, you really value that one day…. If the “overnight” package was sent Express, the sender can get the postage refunded provided the label your sender filled out says it was gauranteed on that day. Really, you better have worked at least 10 hours yesterady and you better be working at least 10 tommorrow…no days off for you!!! WTF No saturdays or sundays either! Be on call! Every day! Cause thats how it is for postal workers. So stop begrudging them 1 day which is clearly announced in their lobbies and on the website and through common knowledge to those who pay attention to anything other than themselves…. Your sender, who shipped it over night, wouldve been told by the clerk the date and time it could be garanteed…… otherwise if they printed postage and did it that way, thats their own fault.

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  10. I am currently waiting on my nicotine for my electronic cig. Just looked up the tracking number and it was sent Priority mail. I has been to 6 post offices all over town. There are a ton notes, nondeliverable, forewarded, missent, etc. At least the guy will send me another package if it is not here Monday…but why soo many post offices? I tried calling them today but they leave work at noon on Sat. I think it was at the post office down the street from me but is tagged with more notes so have no idea where it’s next destination is. This sucks. I have been waiting 10 days . I have noticd that this is the second package in a month that was sent priority mail and has been lost. Don’t send priority….that’s where the dumbest of the dumb work.

    • Sounds like you didn’t give the right zipcode or put an unknown street, or failed to put your apartment number on or something like that. Common mistake is being lazy and not putting the whole street name or number. Know your address. If its being forwarded and missent all around, it means the address put on it is bad, and they are frantically shipping it around (at no additional cost to you) hoping someone will recognize enough of whatever you had put on there to know where it goes. This is actually a courtesy to you before they send it back because they cant decipher the bad address someone put on it.

      • That’s right, it’s always the client’s fault with delivery services. I wouldn’t doubt if they damaged the package where all the zip codes are. Reminds me of that USPS woman that threw my Sennheiser HD 650s down the driveway in the winter then claimed ignorance.

      • Well if that isn’t a load. I know for a fact that the inbred family of postal nonworkers just stick it in the outgoing mail so they wont have to deal with it because they’re to busy chatting on the phone or online ordering from Zulilly, AND trying on the clothes they received from Zulilly before putting customer mail up. The letter comes back next couple of days and if the same idiot is working, the same thing happens, making it weeks before someone with a brain at the same facility fixes it by hand. Sometimes it takes a little investigative work, but it is worth it and it SHOULD make them feel good about fixing a problem and getting that piece of private property to the correct person. If people really knew the level of incompetence at the post office, they would never trust the post office again. Trouble is, we are sometimes forced to use their services and are disappointed time and time again. So try that answer on someone who doesn’t know how it works. Oh ya, you did try to spill your load of horseshit on someone. Shame on you turd!!

  11. I have packages sent to my office every day.
    FedEx and UPS have no problem.
    But if I get anything shipped with the US Post Office I will NOT get it.
    I just get the little note telling me if I don’t pick it up, it will be returned to the sender.
    how nice.
    So i have to take off work, close up the office and go down to the FUCKING post office to pick up what I paid to have delivered.

    I know how the post office can save some money, do not deliver anything. Just send everyone a note saying that that have to pick up everything from the post office or everything will be returned to the sender.
    i.e., nothing will change.

    good-for-nothing lazy motherfuckers.

    • Call and demand to speak to the postmaster….explain….get a real answer as to “why” they wont deliver to your office, and then either you need to fix what you’re doing wrong, or the postmaster needs to reprimand the carrier.

      • I am going to hold all mail that I get for other people for a month and take it up there. It will be a stack up to my hips. Fuck the USPS. Fuck you postal. I haven’t received important bills, my unemployment card (Mailed on the 20th of Dec), and a package I ordered before Christmas! I need a job and passed the fucking rural test. Give me this mail carriers job, he obviously cant handle the workload.

      • I’ve called to talk to our local postmaster when tracking showed a package to be delivered, when it wasn’t-want to know what he said to me? “It’s your word against ours”- turned out they delivered it to the wrong house and called it delivered

  12. Youngsville, Louisiana has the shittiest post office anywhere. They don’t give a shit where or when they deliver your mail. I called the US postal service to complain. I was told that, because of affirmative action, there is nothing they can do, but they did sympathize with me.

  13. bunch of stupid CRYBABYS here crying about getting something delivered and they are the one who put the wrong damn address !!!! Hahahahaha

    • Yeah add up the cost in fuel to drive the letter there FFS. try working the hours and conditions…. try to decipher someones crappy incomplete address for the 300th time that day. People are lazy. they want no responsibility! They dont want to have to even articulate where they want their peice of garbage to go! They just wanna slap it on the counter or drop it in a box, drool, and have their mind read. A 46cent stamp barely pays a fraction of the cost of the workers living expenses and fuel costs for delivery. You cant go to a doctor and have him magically know whats wrong with you, you have to describe what your feeling and he has to examine your symptoms. Its like that with mail, you have to at least give a good enough description of where YOU WANT THE DAMMED THING TO GO!

      • Okay postal employee, I got it, senders need to make sure addresses are legible. Most of the packages I receive (after being mis-delivered) were ordered from online vendors, using USPS confirmed address and computer generated labels with completely legible fonts. Next excuse?

      • And when all of your addresses are completely correct and in huge bold letters in correct format? There is no further excuse. I can understand that human beings tend to slip up sometimes, that’s natural and I’m cool with it so long as they can get it right at some point.

        But to wait five to six weeks to receive something in California that shipped from Texas (Like David mentioned, from an online seller with clear destination)? I don’t think so.

      • Dear postal, it sounds like you are the lazy, irresponsible one. It’s not the customers job to do your job and ALL that comes with it. Suck it up and at least try to perform the job YOU wanted and got hired to do to the best of your abilities. Scared right?! But knowing how most postal pieces are, first hand, you will probably sulk and do something nasty to someone’s private property. Actions speak loudly and most of the time that says it all.

    • Dear Ma’snuts, read it again but this time turn on your brain and maybe you will understand. Wowie!! And we wonder why!

  14. Take your Damn Letters and your 41 cent forever stamp and walk your stupid letter across the United States and deliver it yourself in 2 days……People expect to be treated like kings to have something delivered cross country for a measly few bucks……HA…..LOSERS !!!!!

    • You are a fucking idiot Phil. It is a provided service with accommodations they claim to provide. This could get class action real quick if you see what I am saying.

  15. I receive hundreds, I mean, hundreds of parcels every year. My postman delivers large boxes right to my porch where I have a post office carry box that my mailman gave me. And, sure, there have been the occasional lost or damaged package. But nothing to raise a fuss about. I also sell books at Amazon and in 10 years have had maybe 2 or 3 items at most lost. I understand your frustration, but by my lights and given the volume of parcels I send and recieve, the USPS is doing a great job.

  16. I spent 100 dollars had a package shipped from hongkong to Puerto Rico. and when the package finally arrived in the local office on Friday , they said they can’t deliver it to the street address which is 1 minute away across their damn office!!!! So instead of contacting me which they never do, the package is sent back immediatly , by the time I called them , it’s already too late to pick it up!
    and I also wonder how much money they make by charging for the shipping in the first place
    .since it seems so easy for them to just send the package back! So frustrated with them and I do wish them go to hell!

  17. If you think that the customer service of the post office is bad, you should try being an employee. I used to work for the post office in Bell Gardens as a Casual Mail handler. At first, everything seemed to be fine. They were friendly and and welcoming. Once Christmas was over, the supervisors started showing their asses. All the harassment that the workers go through. No wonder why you would hear stories about people snapping and going postal. And you figured that the the united states postal service would change the way that they treat their employees. And the worst part……..they don’t care!!! Something must be done to stop this. I got terminated because I stood up for what was right. Although I was distraught that I was out of a job, I was more relieved because I didn’t have to deal with the abuse and the harassment anymore. It’s been 3 weeks and they still haven’t given me my check. It’s all good because I have found an attorney. We’re getting ready to take their asses to court and they’re going to pay me a lot more than what was on that check that they owe me.

  18. I am a parapalygic and confined to a wheelchair. My mailbox is a rural route and my house is about 50 feet from the box. There is a slight upgrade from my front door to the road and it is extremely difficult for me to push my wheels up this grade. (Normally I wait for my wife to arrive home from work to gather the letters in the mailbox. Anyway, when we have a package that won’t fit in the mailbox, the mail carrier stops their car at the mailbox and leans on the horn until I wheel my chair out to the road and take my package. If I take too much time, they speed off as I’m trying to get up to the road, they then leave a note in the mailbox saying “sorry we missed you” and I have to pick up the package at the post office. It amazed me that the US Post Office does not have to deliver packages to my door, per our great PostMaster. He went on to say, the mail carrier was “doing me a favor” by leaning on the horn instead of automaticly making me pick up all parcels at the post office. (Just in case some wizard out their blames me for buying a home with this setup, my injury happened years after buying my home) I try to use UPS or FedEx if at all possible, and the day the US Post Office closes I will celebrate.

    • You need to go to your post office and file a hardship case and this will change that. Your carrier is NOT ALLOWED to take too long and will risk pay cuts and other punishments. Call the office and file a hardship to resolve this.

      • If you don’t put your trash out at the curb/street for what ever reason does Wast Management pick it up?Answer NO!!!

    • …in fact congress is pushing to set up little drop locations for every so many houses, so soon it wont only be just to your mailbox instead of your door, soon it will be just to the drop off boxes instead of your mail box. Call your congressman, tell them to stop murdering the post office through prefunding so service can return to door to door.

      • Dear Postal, I love your misguided faith. I had that once. Good luck taking down the animal!

      • One more comment for you postal, politics and internal structuring have nothing to do with the poor work performance of most of the employees. I’m not saying it’s not hard to work for a failing business, but you should quit before you collect an unearned pay check, otherwise it’s theft in my eyes. If everyone worked a job like it were their own business, every business, and its employees would succeed. Customers would get what was promised by the business, whether it cost them a little or a lot. Everyone would win. It’s just too easy though. Sad

  19. It is not just the Post Office it is pretty much any business in the US private or gov. being lazy and rude is the American way, including YOU and the job you have never made an error at or slacked off at.

    • I do independent work in art commissions.

      Lazy and rude?

      I will change the artwork until the commissioner is completely satisfied, I go to great lengths to be sure they receive nothing but the highest quality, I work day and night, all day every day, anytime someone makes a request, and I don’t gripe about how much they feel the art is worth.

      I receive every customer with a smile and a friendly attitude, I never complain about the level of detail they desire, I always offer extra things such as animation or more versions of a piece if they would like, with no extra charge.

      Christmas break? Forget it. Summertime? Working.

      And I’m an American.

  20. Here in Florida, you need both hands to count the number of packages that were lost or stolen by the a-holes…Including a 3 month supply of a controlled medication..They put me through hell trying to get to the bottom of this. I had to file a Police report and the bottom line, the supervisor at my local post office told me that it was delivered………..to the wrong address and their is nothing they could do! They are a disgrace and need to be put out of business! A-HOLES all of them.

  21. It seems like half the packages I get are misdelivered to my neighbors, and so far they’ve been courteous enough to bring them by. Recently, I got a package for a neighbor that I dropped off. It wasn’t even close to my address or name! I’m thinking my carrier is illiterate, dyslexic or both. My biggest complaint: I just got a package after it sat in a neighbor’s box for a week (while they were probably on vacation) all the while I’m wondering if I’ll ever see my package containing $100+ in airplane parts. USPS says it was delivered, phone number is continuously busy at the post office and an email sent to customer service with the post office has not been responded to after 3 days and their system promised a response within 48 hours. I went to the post office and after a long wait I talked to a supervisor. He said they would try to track it down and have it delivered today. I got no phone call, not a hint that they lifted a finger to find my package. If it weren’t for my helpful neighbor it would still be lost. I’m going to opt for UPS or FedEx from now on and while I appreciate the prices of the USPS, at least I know my packages will be delivered correctly and on time!!

  22. Post office in Zachary La, total human SHIT working there, rude, self righteous CUNTS, lazy, inept idiots, lied to me, would not let me talk to postmaster, refused to help find package I PAID THEM TO DELIVER that they LOST! FUCK THE POST OFFICE !!

  23. I pay for express Mail $ 5.00 extra- thats 1-2 days and get 3-5 days if I am lucky..I use to get my mail about 2 pm and now I get it about 6 pm if I am lucky…I had a good mailman once but they moved him to the rich part of town and gave us a learner who is slow and dos’ent give a dame eather. I talked to him and he said you is lucky to have a mail man muther fucker. So I quit paying for express mail and get the package the same as when I = payed extra = so I saved some money. Congress takes the money from the postal service and bitches about them and like socisl security dose’nt give the money back and spends it on something that will get the bastards reelected in there state…There all crooks not one is worth a pound of dog shit

  24. I can’t get any packages delivered here? There always two blocks away and if there honest people they deliver my packages themselves. If not I just loose out! They really do suck. Had a chance to go work for Usps. Glad I stayed where I am now. Tracking does no good when it delivered to someone else’s house. Quit walking through my roses and tearing them up. I wanted to stop that crap so I requested to move my mail box down to drive, but no they put there little flag down at the other end. That’s where your going to put your new mail box! USPS is just B.S. There still tearing up my flower beds and rose’s. Have to replace them every year due to them breaking them off at the ground. Now I ship everything to work. They get that right? And stop helping yourself to my fruit trees

  25. My package and someone elses broke open in some warehouse. Postal workers thought it would be best to just randomly repack the packages with eachothers items, and send it off to the recpients.

  26. The USPS is nothing but a pathetic joke. They should be privatized, and completely overhauled. It should not take a f’ing letter two weeks to go from Denver to Dallas. I won’t be using these morons anymore!!!


  28. have you tried being nice, people usually want to work with people who are easy to deal with. Iit becomes very difficult to talk to someone who makes you mad, makes it a lot easier to loose your job that way. you could be a bitch that takes a lot of shit, but people wont respect you. there needs to be a balance, be real!

  29. I agree the USPS SUCKS!!!! and if they worked for UPS or FedEx they would be FIRED!!!!

    Packages not being delivered

    1) 940551590110998849XXXX. Package not delivered, no notice left.I had to track my package down and then go to the post office to pick it up. This package was 25 lbs.
    2) 940551169900040944XXX. Package not delivered, no notice left.I had to track my package down and then go to the post office to pick it up.
    3) 936128994903610304XXXX. This package has out for delivery but I guarantee you that this package will not be delivered and that tomorrow I will have to go to the post office to pick it up.

  30. In your neighborhood, there are two people you DO NOT want to get on the bad side of… !. The chief of police 2. your postal carrier….remember your postal carrier sees ALL your mail before you do and can at times make very rash decisions as what they want to do with it…deliver ,
    possibly misplace or lose it. It’s always in your best interested to stay on your postman’s good side!!

    • Wrong, the mail carrier is just a little peon whose misdeeds can be reported by calling 1 (800) 275-8777 . Amazingly many think that since they are government employees they are somehow superior to civilians. All you have to do is contact the DC offices and they will be disciplined. This includes all USPS employees, including ones who you perceive as big bosses such as your local postmaster. I have reported on a postmaster as well as on managers. It is easy to contact the top, and weird that USPS employees in your local areas have such delusions of grandeur. Weird because they are so easy to take down. It takes little effort, yet it is amazing they don’t expect the revenge.

    • That’s total bullshit but true. Those people that need their asshole wetted by customers tongues to do a job they chose and are getting paid for, ott not to exist in my world.

  31. Well it’s still just as bad as it was then: Usps says my package was delivered to my post office: Wow great: Only problem is it never made it to my P O Box: But now the usps nor Amazon is responsible because their tracking service says it made it to the Post office: So ok postal employee: Take what ever you want that comes in: It doesn’t matter if you take it or even do a lousy job and place it in the wrong box. Seems you are not responsible for it: So they say you should have insured it. Well it was a small priced item and i was getting a good deal on it: So didn’t want to ruin the deal by added expense. I have to agree that was my fault. But hey who knew that they could rob you and it is legal: So usps and amazon have a good day: And go ahead and steal some more money from the customers that keep you in business: But hey I think my local walmart can have me money from now on. At least i see them robbing me on the price tag:

  32. Privatise the USPS, we did it for the DMV in NJ and no longer have long lines because of lazy ass government workers! There is nothing the Government can do that the people can not do better for themselves! FUCK THE USPS!!!

  33. So, I ordered a phone from ebay with expedited shipping. Let me preface this by saying that my phone is in the crapper, so I am “Phone-less”. At any rate, expedited shipping is supposed to be 1-3 days right? That’s why I paid for it. So, no phone yet and it has been 6 says. The USPS tracking never updates and still says that it’s in transit (from one fucking state away). Frustrated, I typed in “where the fuck is my mail” in Google and this popped up haha. So here I sit, angrily pounding my frustration away on the key board of my only line of communication to the outside world. Should I write and angry email to the post office? Or should I mail them my dick so that they can suck it!!!? Of course, if I do that, I probably won’t bust a nut for at least a week or two. FUCK YOU USPS!!! I hope you all get anal infections and have to stand there hardly working while your stupid fucking blue stripped pants fill up with piles of bloody shit before you eventually die!! … I feel much better now.

    • Dear Mr. Kline,
      Thank you for making me laugh. It’s been quite a day so thank you for that. Mail them your dick…..hahaha, so funny.

  34. I’d be happy if they would just get the dam things delivered at all. Lost two packages in the last year. By the way gift cards are not
    covered even if you purchase insurance.

  35. Well don’t feel bad any of you. Our post office in TULSA OKLAHOMA 74134 is just as bad. Seems our delivery area is considered–even though it’s a huge area- an auxillary delivery area, which means, we don’t have a regular carrier. it’s any jack ass that can drive a right handed truck. I have had lost/misdelivered at least 12 packages in the last 5 years, the last one today.

    UPS has “SurePost”–right. So UPS takes it to the post office for the shitheads here to try and deliver.
    Somethims they do, most of the time they don’t. My wife had ordered a large hoodle sweatshirt, so the bonehead STUFFED IT IN OUT MAIL BOX, AFTER PUTTING THE LETTERS IN, thereby pushing the letters onto the ground. Glad ir wasn’t raining yet.

    Yesterday they delivered a packge for our next door neighbors (guess they couldn’t discern between a 2 and an 8) and today they said they delivered my SurePost packge at 3:59pmk, and of course, it ain’t there. So, again, I filed another complaint, missing packed, notified the shipper, and here we go again.I’ve even filed a stolen item complaint with our police department, but they are as useless as USPS is.

    There isn’t any hope for USPS. You can’t call the local office, line is ALWAYS busy. Can’t go there because the counter people just look at you like you’ve got three eyes. None of these people give a rats’ ass for any of us. Bunch of ignorant people.

    I was chasing a missing package this past year, found a carrier one block away from my home, assumed he was delivering our mail. He said the following ” I don’t have any package for you, where do you live? (around the block)– well, I’m not a regular carrier for this area, I don’t even know what street I’m on now”. When I told him where he was I asked him, “if you don’t know where you are, how can you deliver mail?” He said ” I just go mailbox to mailbox and put mail in them”..

    I would like, just once, to be actually able to speak, face to face, with a supervisor or postmaster, but you can’t. They hide from the people because they know they will be hammered. I DARE ANY POSTAL EMPLOYEE IN OKLAHOMA ESPECIALLY A SUPERVISOR OR POSTMASTER TO CONTACT ME AND TALK FACE TO FACE WITH ME!!!!! MY email address is connected to this post and my name shown is real….but I doubt you can find me. Your carriers sure as hell can’t.

    • I suppose after 5-6 years of constant filing complaints and calling local PO, they decided to take our area off an ” auxiliary” delivery area as we were “given” a regular carrier now for our area. So far ( only 12 days) so good. But they have a long ways to go in order to prove this will resolve the delivery problems around here.
      Not sure when the regular carrier is off or on vacation what kind of service we’ll get.

      • Oh well, I had hope. Today a different carrier shows up Setting the stage- my garage door is open, back gate is open, I’m running a power washer next to a running air conditioner. USPS guy with ear buds in looks around the corner and say ( I think he said this..I’m partially deaf and with all that clatter around me makes it hard to hear) I just looked up and didnt reply immediately as I was trying to get out of the mud.. So he disappears and I follow him to the mailbox where he was still sitting in his truck. I asked for my mail, ( still had earbuds in) he filled out the delivery notice, ripped mailbox open, threw a letter and the notice in and drives off to next house……..well, now I am displeased. So I walk to neighbors house and ask his name…he says F**** you..slams that mailbox so hard the door pops back open and speeds off down the street.
        I went back to getting stuff out of the bed of my pickup and here he comes down the other side of the street.. gets across from me and gales at me mouthing F****you again….then speeds around the corner and goes on.
        So I get on the USPS website and write up a complaint exactly what I just mentioned.
        A.. my garage door was open.
        B. Gate was open
        C. power washer was running.
        D. I’m partly deaf and working.
        E. He would NOT give me the registered mail but threw it in my box and slammed the door
        F. would not give me his name, but did know the two words never to say to a cop.

        THis postal station that oversee this place is the worst in Tulsa. My son is a postal carrier and where he works no one wants to go to this station and work out of it. So I guess they send the union dregs of carriers to work out of there. The phone line is ALWAYS busy, so don’t try to call. The counter people don’t care as they only work the counter and don’t like carriers either. don’t try finding a station supervisor either.

        we are all screwed..

  36. This isn’t the way I remember it… “Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night, stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.” Ha ha……..

  37. From my experience.. ..It’s Sear’s !!….it.. is.. SEARS.. nowadays… and their outsourced call centers..

  38. Are you kidding me right now? I can’t even finish reading this. I had to stop at the part where you had to tell you five year old daughter that you are going to put a adult in time out and your daughter replies “cool.” That is not ok as a mother and as some one who’s 65 year old father works at the post office, you should not be teaching your children to disrespect adults. Here is the thing mistakes happen. Don’t be rude to honest hard working people like postal employees and focus on important things like being a better mother! Try to raise someone who will make a difference in society and not be rude or disrespectful. I can thank the post office for putting a roof over my head and food on the table thanks to my father who worked there 40 years. That is a amazing thing so I beg you people that hate the usps stop being so petty and grow up in the long the usps is helping families raise there children and is filled with hard working Americans. Don’t destroy a amazing American company that has been around since Benjiman Franklin was alive just because your fuzzy slippers were a day late coming to your house. Come on people.

    • Oh STFU. All you postal workers think you can do a half-@$$ job and we just have to deal with mail being delivered late, or delivered to the wrong address (obviously you can’t f-ing read). Maybe people who’s lives didn’t depend on the mail being delivered on time can be okay with the constant “mistakes” but the rest of us can’t. Some of us have medication or checks that need to be delivered by a certain time, so we’re not complaining about any f-ing fuzzy slippers. Maybe your father worked in the post office for 40 years, but that was when everything ran smoothly, not the piece of sh*t it’s become today. How about you stop criticizing people who have actual complaints about how the post office is run and do something to fix it.

    • Oh, by the way, re-reading the article confirms that you can’t f-ing read because it was a guy writing the post, not a mother, dumb@$$

    • Oh Kaitlin, Kaitlin,
      Another one that can’t find her brain button. I know, if it’s not lit up, you probably have a hard time finding it. How can a father concentrate and focus on being a good mother if he is a dude. READ girl and pay attention. Maybe you’re the one that needs a time out to practice your reading and comprehensive skills. Good day girlie

    • It would be quite a bit harder if there was ANY KIND OF FUCKING ACCOUNTABILITY WHATSOEVER FOR THE PIECE OF SHIT U.S.P.S.’S REPEATED FAILURES. If you actually had to hold yourselves to the standards of a private business you’d dry up like a scab and blow away in a week’s time. So go fuck yourself.

  39. Loved reading this. Instructions on how to look in your mail box…. that’s classic.
    Listen, hope you paid with a credit card, very simple, reverse the charges. Tell Sears to make their own deliveries or hire ups. Or at least insure the darn thing and require a signature. SOMETHING.

    I’m having issues too. Our road is closed for construction which in three months hasn’t happened yet. And no one is obaying the road closed signs BUT the mail. All our mail boxes were pulled out and tossed on the grass by the road commission, replaced by one big bank of boxes for everyone in this mile long section of road. Masking tape and badly markered on numbers is all there is.
    In the first week I had more wrong mail than I have in the past decade. The post office biach’s excuse? Well it was a temp. Excuse me, but how does that matter? If your job is to match the number on the letter with the number on the box, and put letter IN said box, if the temp can’t handle that they are in the wrong line of work. And clearly they can’t. I asked to just hold my mail and I’d come pick it up. Now I’m being told they will only do that for 30 days. (Two months no one else there had a problem with this. Just that jerk who runs this particular branch is like queen shit running her personal shit pile.)

    SO my fight is just beginning. Already placed a call to my state rep, for what good it will do sent a letter to USPS main office. And we’ll see how it goes.
    THinking of making a video of this whole mess and popping it onto youtube.

  40. Several years later, no improvement. I just tracked a USPS package and was told:

    1. The package arrived at our local post office at 11:04 am;
    2. The package was transferred to our local post office by a private carrier at 11:59 am;
    3. The package was accepted at our local post office at 9:49 am.

    It arrived/was accepted/transferred to our local post office at three different times.

  41. The USPS is a disgrace and a reproach to a free people. Can someone tell me why in the fucking hell a “priority mail 3-day delivery” package is taking a fucking WEEK to get here? Seriously, seven days instead of 3? More than twice the amount of time they claim. They should be ashamed of themselves. The United States has by far the worst, most incompetent, most inefficient postal service in the industrialized world. And it’s only getting worse.

    Trump needs to privatize this piece of shit before we end up paying $200 to ship a package across the country and it takes two years to get there.

  42. The U.S. Postal Service is an abomination. They could fuck up a wet dream. I think their biggest problem is with there being absolutely no recourse or consequences when they don’t live up to their obligations. Think about it: if I’m a private business owner and a customer pays me extra so that I can provide a service for them in an expedited fashion, say doing seven days of work in three days’ time, and at the end of it all it takes me seven days anyway then guess what? That customer is going to demand that I refund the extra cost they paid to get the service in three days. I refuse and they’re going to take me to small claims court if it’s a big enough deal for them or if their principles are that strong. I would end up having to refund the extra cost because I told them I would provide a certain service then failed to deliver on it.

    Funny though, the U.S. Postal Service faces absolutely no consequences when it (repeatedly) fails to live up to its obligations. People pay extra to have a package delivered with so-called “3-day priority mail”. They expect that by paying extra it will (gasp!) actually get there around the time expected. Otherwise why in the hell should anyone pay extra for “priority mail” service? But when their “3-day priority mail” delivery takes no less than an effing WEEK to get here what happens? The U.S.P.S. throws up its hands and says “Oh well, we didn’t actually GUARANTEE that it would get there in three days”. OK, well they why in the fuck do you sell “3-day priority mail” service then if the package is just going to get there whenever they feel like delivering it?

    Either the U.S.P.S. needs to be privatized so it is forced to compete with UPS and Fed-ex or there needs to be some consequences for their failure to meet their obligations. Here’s what needs to happen: when a customer pays for “3-day priority mail” and it isn’t delivered in three days then the U.S.P.S. should have to refund the cost of the “3-day priority” shipping because it didn’t deliver it in three days. If they had to do that every time they don’t live up to their obligations then I bet you’d see a hell of a lot more packages being delivered on time.

  43. The USPS sucks mule cock. I have a package coming to Flippin, Arkansas and it says it left the Fayetteville, Arkansas sorting facility at 2:52 a.m. this morning. It takes all of about two hours to drive from Fayetteville to Flippin but of course the fucking USPS spends most of its time driving around in circles instead of going directly from point A to point B. And even when it goes in a straight line it is like it’s being shipped by stagecoach or something for how long it takes. My God the USPS could not be more fucking inefficient if it tried.

    Long story short, instead of my package being checked in at the Flippin post office and waiting for me to pick it up it’s nowhere to be found, somewhere lost in the ether between Fayetteville and Flippin, sitting on some truck, or supposedly sorted when it really wasn’t. I asked the woman at the Flippin post office nicely just how in the world is it possible for a truck to have departed Fayetteville at 2:52 this morning and here it is now no less than ten hours later and it still hasn’t made it to Flippin and she had no idea, just said that the “departed Fayetteville” message was computer generated automatically 20 minutes after the package arrived in Fayetteville with no relation to whether it actually WAS shipped out from Fayetteville en route to the destination. So in other words USPS tracking is worthless as tits on a bull because there is no way to know if a message you get is really someone checking in a package or if it is just a computer generated response that you automatically get 20 min. after your package gets to a sorting facility. She said maybe it was SUPPOSED to have gone out on a truck from Fayetteville today but clearly it did not.

    So basically I’m saying if something cannot get a package two hours away from me to here in less than ten hours and it’s STILL not checked in at the end of that the USPS is a worthless fucking abomination that deserves to be privatized out of existence like European countries have done and reaped the benefits of a much more efficient postal service. Would that the U.S. government had that much sense…

  44. So what I’ve learned today are two things:

    1.) The USPS trucks that go from one facility to another only arrive in the morning; and

    2.) The USPS “tracking page” messages that tell you when your package SUPPOSEDLY departed a facility are utter horseshit, just computer generated messages that would be sent automatically 20 minutes after the package ARRIVES at a sorting facility, a message that would be sent whether my package actually DID leave the sorting facility or if everyone there was dead from carbon monoxide poisoning or something and were unable to send my package on, no matter what I’m still getting the false message that according to the USPS my package was sent on as it was supposed to be.

    Just another way that the USPS keeps on screwing us…

  45. I have had similar problems in my small Ohio village. I never had a problem with USPS until I moved here, but now have had nothing but problems for eight years. I ended up taking my mail box down and having my mail delivered to an alternate address. I’m not going to waste my precious time fighting with them. However, I will not do business with them unless I absolutely have to.

  46. late to the party, but screw all the USPS apologists, my story is similar:
    live in a ruralish area, but not THAT rural; the three places i lived in this area over 25-30 years, were ALL WELL WITHIN the (supposed) guidelines they *said* they went by for package delivery..,.
    (THAT is why i have ZERO patience for ‘postal’ and the other USPS suckoffs: THE USPS LIES ALL THE TIME, such that they are not ‘normal’ human beans who occasionally lie, THEY ARE LIARS, period.)
    I can’t tell you how many times I have been working from home, and I get a notice of ‘attempt to deliver’. Huh, that’s funny, I have been sitting here ALL DAY and no one came by. They are lying. They said they couldn’t come down the road because of dogs. (This when I had no dogs.) They said the road was in bad shape. (It was not.) They said i was more than a half mile off the main road. (I am not.) They said I didn’t give them a letter which said it was okay to drop off packages. (I gave them letters ALL THE FUCKING TIME AND IT DID NO GOOD.)
    In some ways, that is what bugs me the most: the fucking droids LYING IN MY FACE year after year after year.
    But, there is a happy ending: simply decided I won’t order anything from Amazon since they won’t guarantee not to ship USPS. Use Amazon as a catalog, find what I want, go to the original vendor, make sure they DELIVER UPS or FedEx, and FUCK Amazon/USPS.
    Its amazing, they actually DELIVER the packages to my front door ! ! !

  47. Postmaster? There just bigger shitheads than the lower level employees. Used to be totally against privatization. I’ve been converted. The post office is the biggest piece of shit on the planet. They use a point system to ensure only the worst employees get hired. I dread walking into ANY post office ANYWHERE. It is pure hell. PRIVATIZE THE ENTIRE FUCKING HELL HOLE.

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  49. I’m right there with you. I worked for the USPS for 4 years. I couldn’t handle working with people who had absolutely no work ethic and lazy to boot. Self serving, lazy, rude awefull bunch of thieves. Not all, but enough to make me disassociate from the business. That’s a generous statement because it’s certainally not run like one. Anyone with any self respect wouldn’t work there because you can’t shut your eyes to what’s going on and trying to make things better is impossible unless they fire the rotten eggs. Then there were 2!!! Not exaggerating too much either. I quit by following the proper procedures. I found out recently that that I’m still accruing vacation days, lol, they still think I’m employed there 3 years after I properly quit. Why am I not surprised.

    • PS….. at the small town post offices for sure, and maybe larger facilities as well, postmasters hire their friends to work under them. Eventually these under qualified scum stick in there long enough to get moved up. Bad employees begat bad employees and it goes on and on. I didn’t capitalize postmaster because most don’t deserve the respect that should come with that title.

  50. Hey I feel your pain, a couple years ago they had one of their mail carriers stealing everybodies mail, and it was around Christmas time. I had mail that never did show up, cards with money in them and things like that. Well they caught him but I never got reimbursed gor any of my losses. Well just before Thanksgiving. They decide to bring new mail boxes for the Apartment complex,, and took out the old ones. They didnt even have to courtesy to inform anybody. We had to go pick up our new keys at the post office, Well these fools gave my keys to the wrong person. And she is to stupid to see the name and address is not her own on the front of my mail. And she was to lazy to bring it down to my apartment. So who knows where that weeks mail went. They fix this by switching the locks on the boxes and just give me her keys. They people are so ignorant. No to mention I dont think the carrier can actually read. She puts my packages in someone elses box. There is only two apartments in that building instead of four. And so its one or the other, how hard can it be. Well the stupid thief stold the package and must of opened it. Cuz I never did get my stuff. What a piece of shit, its obvious that it wasnt addressed to her, and she should have brought it down to me, that would of been the right thing to do. Fuckin thieving bitch. The post office didnt do jack shit about fixing their mistake. Muchless confront them about it, thats bull shit that is a felony. So I lose out on the Christmas presents that were in there for my boys, and I lose out on the money it cost me to buy the stuff. And the post office could give a shit less. So I get fucked all the way around and that bitch gets away with a felony, and all my stuff. They should prosecute their ass for felony mail theft. The mail system truly has gone to hell, they have it easy compared to back in the day, its not like the had to deliver the shit on horse back. So id like to thank the post office for royally screwing the mail system up and thank them for hiring a bunch idiots that cant read or do their dam job with a Lil pride. what a bunch of incompetent inbread rednecks. So now I sit and wonder every day weather or not the stuff I ordered is ever going to show up or if they gave my shit to someone else again.. Ya its pretty dam sad. What the hell happened to the federal mail system people. Why dont you all hire a bunch of fuckin lossers that cant do their jobs right. Cause thats what it seems like to me and apparently to a bunch of others also. You guys are a joke any more. Hope moving out of this shit hole town full inbread rejects solves this problem. But I aint so sure any more, I guess Americas are getting more stupid as time goes by, what a bunch of incompetent fucks.. Thanks for nothing assholes and theives, I hope you fuckin choke.

  51. Because the United States Postal Service is a bunch of lazy ass no good Don’t know how to do their job I got a late bill for $22 You people need to pull your head out of your asses I’m going to cancel my PO Box after 15 years Because I’m being charged a $22 late fee when my personal dues were paid on Time you guys are an embarrassment and need to change your name To We are a bunch of dumb asses and don’t know how to do our jobs .So will bill our regular Customers and charge them for our screw UPS. A $120 a year for A PO Box Times 15 years do the math moron So for $22 you’re gonna lose a customer You suck and I’m gonna tell everybody I know

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