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  1. Wow, you found some right ugly cars, Rich. I’m happy to say I’ve never owned any of these, though I did once have a Ford Aerostar. Ugly, but highly functional–not to mention really cheap when I bought it–it was perfect right up until it broke down on the 101 in Los Angeles after driving from Ohio.

  2. Aerostar, yeah that seems to fit you, from what I know. Sounds like your car loved LA and never wanted to go back to Ohio, smart car.

    • Ahh the Jon Voight mobile, you do look like the convertible time. Driving around with your top down.

    • “Jon Voight” didn’t own that car…”John Voight” did and George was plenty ticked! (what’s with the gratuitous use of expletives? Lack of descriptive adjectives and other words? Grow-up)

  3. I agree with the Aztek rating. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it.

    But where is the VW Scirocco?

  4. i love my aztec runs really good and good on gas i just love it

    • i agree Mike & Brandi, I own a PT Cruiser right now and am buying an Aztek as mine and my husband’s second car. I’m sure most of us normal folks agree that if the car runs good, which both of the pt cruiser and Aztek do, my pocket and I don’t mind if it doesn’t look as nice in the driveway as a BMW. Repair bills in the hundreds to thousands can make any car look hideous to me. I don’t spend my hard earned money on a vehicle to gain the envy of others, I buy them for function and based on price/reliability. I was hoping that this list would give more insight into actual reliability of vehicles. I was disappointed to find out that instead it was just the opinion of some egomaniac. Rich, your inelegant language and lowbrow humor is obviously your best attempt at comedy, you definitely do not deserve the title of “comic”. As for Mike n Brandi Wilcox, they seem like decent people. Hope you two have a great day.

      • I completely agree with LRM and mike n brandi. I was really hoping for some more factual insight from this article. I wasn’t looking to read about how one person’s view of cars is only the exterior. I have a yellow and green Hyundai accent with 250,000+ miles on it, which I bought used. The car cost me $1,000 and the fuel economy is excellent. I’d drive that car over any other luxury, gas hogging, insurance rate rising car.

  5. Have you ever drive a Pacer? I fall in Love with those true different car which offer a unique “panoramic view” from inside where you can really see where you go backwards, not like those “MacDonalded” all-the-same cars with those dangerous and ugly back pillars so that you just know you where going too far backwards when you hit anything there! And sorry, but my V8-4 barrel engine sounds much better then any of those modern engines!

    • Are you kidding me. Why would I ride in a Pacer? Watching Wayne and Garth ride in one was bad enough for me.

  6. I got a few hand jobs in my Grand Am what are you talking about! It’s the engine that’s the problem..it won’t last more than 100k. Also Pontiac doesn’t make cars anymore even as of last year.

  7. 2008 Grand Prix And 2005 Grand am’s don’t suck. you could have put a Honda civic, and
    I’ve had a grand am with 365k on it stock everything. nothing wrong just the electronics

    • Yeah bitch! Don’t be hating the Grand Ams. Mine now has 378,323 original miles on it and still running. Stock everything. So you can suck it bitch. And to the idiot who said it only lasts until 100,000 miles is a complete moron. You obviously don’t know how to take care of a damn car and you just drive and drive until something breaks.

      • Thanks for stopping by Chris. Without even knowing you I can imagine you are the type of guy who drives a Grand AM with 378,232 miles on it.

      • I really wouldnt be admitting that you drive a grand am with 300k miles. Cant you afford anything else? That thing is worth what $33 on trade in (assuming it has 1/2 tank of gas)

        Get rid of it and buy some decent like a 21 speed Huffy.

      • GM W body cars are some of the best cars built.
        only a dumb *ss would choose only one W body car as junk and pass over the Buick, Chevy, Olds and Caddy W body cars. You have no idea what you are talking about.

      • i have a grand am with 215k and a 02 gtp with a lot of mods and only 50k on it built it myself im also a master ase tech

    • You can tell he was hating on the Grand Am in the first place because he showed us a picture of a totaled out Grand Am.Grand Am’s are not at all ugly cars. Young females love the GT’s also as many of these are there first highs chool car lol. So, the blogger doesn’t know what he’s talking about. It’s the interior of the cars that are ugly. You almost need to upgrade and paint it yourself to make it look kool. At the very least change the dash and get a new radio for it.

      I have 85K miles on my 2004 SE and there’s no way my engine is going to just drop dead at 100k miles.

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  10. I had to laugh at the PT Cruiser one… I always thought they were bad, and imagine my consternation when my dad offered me his for $8k (only 7,500 miles on it at the time – it was a pace car at Mohave Valley Raceway for about 8 race nights before he sold the track). It was to replace my Saturn, which I always liked, but had 140k miles on it. Let me suggest another dishonorable mention: the Merkur XR4Ti.

  11. clearly someone has a hate on for the domestic side on things. haha what about some of the jap crap vehicles out there lol ps Saturns are awesome cars

  12. This guys an idiot. The grand prix has to be one of the safest. That rad support , front end underbody is like a tank. That is one car you do not want hitting you. Just see how many people survive head on accidents in that car. You don’t want to be in a honda with a grand prix about to hit you.

  13. Cant stop laughing here really made my evening finding someone telling it like it is CHEERS

  14. u forgot da shittest car of all u faggot, the lexus sc 430
    the only thing u got right was dat the pt cruizer is an piece of absoute horse shit.

  15. Ford fiesta’s are up there with the best in the small car market. They are insanely popular across Europe.

  16. I’ve got a hot girlfriend getting out of my Grand Prix GTP, I’m sure you could just say the Grand Am and Bonneville are lump of shit #10 cars. Leave out the GTP. That and the Firebird WS.6 are the only two cars Pontiac made right.

  17. You failed to mention ford assfire. That one of the worst cars ever made, or also ford escort

  18. lebarons, grand ams and grand prixs are great cars. and why isn’t the honda civic, ford windstar, geo anything, scion anything, hummer h2, suzuki esteem, chevy aveo, smart car, mini cooper, vw new beetle, ford tempo, mercury sable, ford probe, or those gay little fiat 500’s on here? but you’re right on about the pt cruiser, gm dustbuster vans, and the earlier saturns were pretty bad. i don’t think the pontiac aztecs are too bad, but i wouldn’t want to own one (unless given to me).

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