5 comments on “Christmas is about giving. Just don’t give me a bunch of shit!

  1. I’ve never been lucky enough to receive one of those lovely letters. I think that some of my inlaws don’t got no pencil or paper to scratch their words onto.

    At least on my side, I already know who’s pregnant and not married, whose wife didn’t come home one night, and which cousin is the one who keyed her ex boyfriend’s new girlfriend’s car. Nope, no letters needed for me!!

  2. I love it. Those letters are so bad! You know what I find almost as bad? People that send Christmas cards with only a picture of their kids. Sure I love you kids, I want to see them grow up… but what’s the deal? Have you gotten so fat and ugly that you and your spouse can’t be in the picture too. At my house we are so disorganized we can’t even get a plain old christmas card out. That’s ok, were saving the environment!

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