5 comments on “Happy Halloween

    • I agree Gwen. Not very original either. Superman for Halloween, wow when did they put that together, 5 minutes before they went on air?

    • Happy Halloween Mirella, so nice to hear from you. What are you giving out tonight in Africa? Chocolate fire ants and penicillin shots? Have fun in Bush Gardens.

  1. LOL! missed you Rich, i’ve been away for awhile now (off and on) the blogging scene nice to know you still have it on lock. Personally I prefer winter without the snow that is…summer baking, fried heat sucks the most. Hope you had a good Halloween, I did and have photos to prove it, Halloween totally rules…for a few reasons.
    LMAO @ Al Roker as Superman, not a good luck for him at all and who is the other person suppose to be Justin Beiber or Winona Ryder??

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