5 comments on “Why do I like so many stupid movies? The answer is simple, the funny movie quotes

  1. I loved every single one of these movies. I’ll admit though, I’m horrible at movie quotes. I feel a little left out when my family, wife even, or all my buddies are throwing them around. Guess it’s like memorizing bible verses for some people. Funny and entertaining as it may be, you have to wonder if you just used up the brain cells that had any chance of curing cancer or convincing the leaders of the world to strive for peace. Then again, like me, if you’re watching these you probably stand zero chance of changing the world in a positive way.

  2. Stupid movies?! Um, no, not stupid. Pure genius. What’s “stupid” is anyone who’d frown upon or hate these comedy gems. Fletch being, imo, the best comedy of all time. Caddyshack is damn near close.

    Films i would call stupid are most of the so-called comedies they’re making today. What pure sh#t.

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