22 comments on “Atomic Gator’s full iPad review

  1. Awesome. You’re back in rare form today, Rich. Bulimic, pre-teen model or not, I covet the iPhone, but I agree that it’s worth it to wait. I had the same issue with the keyboard when I tried it out at the Apple store, but I could get over it.

    Ice cubes… *slaps thigh* Love it.

  2. Maybe I’ll get one when more tablets are developed and prices drop… right now, they’re wicked expensive, but in a few years some won’t be and they’re bound to have more features, not to mention I’m a PC… I’m currently in an Ubuntu phase.

  3. I’ve had an iPad for about a month now. It really is a nifty device. It could never replace my MacBook Pro though!

  4. Yeah, Macs are great. Unless you started out as a hardcore Mac buyer, dropping thousands upon thousands of dollars into their machines, only to learn the company was going under and no one would develop software for it (even Microsoft stopped developing Word for the Mac).

    Sure, Apple made a comeback, and the technology is superior, but I still don’t trust them long-term to make devices for anything other than cuteness. I bet a unicorn would look awesome on the iPad.

    • Yeah, you’ve had MAC’s since the beginning. I started using them when they became more windows friendly.
      I believe you also like the MAC Conference, but I may be mistaken.

  5. Writing on the iPad isn’t bad. Of course, you will need to buy a case with a tilt in it to do it comfortable but it’s incredibly easy to become accustomed too. Granted, I can’t type as fast as I do on my laptop, but, it gets me through what I need to do. They even have apps for printing and file sharing, even with a Windows PC. Deep down, I’m horribly geeky. Oops.

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