5 comments on “Best of July and Monkey helpers

  1. Did I piss everyone off that I know? Mirella never comes by anymore. Gwen, she’s been traveling and busy so I know what’s up with her. Brian (Bray) is gone, Mary is hardly ever around. Is everyone on summer break? or did I just totally finally offend the shit out of everyone for the last time? I want some answers you fair weather friends.

  2. LMAO! as usual here, love the new background as well Rich, ok now hears the issue you can not have a monkey helper post without Curious Curious George he’s fucking funny and so damn cute, but that photo of Charleston Heston kissing an ape makes my flesh crawl.

  3. Yeah, that’s a great call. I put it up because it was relevant but it creeps me out too. I should have put a curious George photo there. You’re 100% right, I may still change it. Thanks for coming by ! !

  4. Glad I got the bye. I’m still catching up. 😉 So, the Heston/ape kissing is too disturbing for words, but he appears to be enjoying himself. Great acting, I guess.

    And your dad rocks. Maybe you should write a book called “Sh*t My Dad Says”. Oh wait. That’s taken. Justin Halpern’s getting rich instead. Sorry.

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