4 comments on “Shark Week

  1. The original Jaws and Card Sharks rock. The others… not so much… LOL

    That picture of Brody and Jaws – *shiver*

    And… Chevy Chase was funny? How’s I miss that? Oy.

  2. Chevy Chase was funny in the following: SNL the first few seasons. Vacation, European Vacation and most of Christmas Vacation. Not funny in Vegas Vacation. He was great in Fletch and about half as funny in Fletch 2, electric boogaloo or whatever it was. Funny as hell in Spies like us and at his All time best in Caddyshack.

  3. Funny Farm was pretty amusing too, but Community? WTF? That must be where a once good comedian goes to die. NBC must be desperate for sitcom ideas anymore. 😦

    The Jaws game is my favorite, funny as hell!

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