12 comments on “Rich answers his email

  1. So you won’t use the F-bomb on your site, but you have no problem dropping it on mine, huh? 😉 Anyway, I like your new approach. Anyone can say f**k, but not everyone can be funny.

    And, hey, have you considered a stint as a dating advice columnist? Good stuff.

    BTW, nice doughnuts.

  2. Awwww what the fuck!! I didn’t know you were taking questions. You know I would have sent in a few of my own.

  3. Bowling with real penguins – LOL. You win the clubbing baby seals comedy bet hands-down, Rich. Keep up the awesome, loving your work. Your (probably-only-as-let’s-face-it-you’re-hardly-prime-time) British fan x

    • Thanks Amy-Mae. Yes folks Amy-Mae was the friend I spoke of on the seal clubbing. And don’t call her Amy, it’s Amy-Mae.

      I think this post had a lot of fun stuff. Penguin bowling, seal clubbing and making fun of the make a wish kids, what a feat. I thought I would take more of a beating in the comments about that stuff but I guess if nobody reads then nobody can be offended.

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  5. Rich,

    Did you ever hang the picture for your wife? Better do it now or she just might find another picture hanger :-0

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