12 comments on “Best Fictional Newscasters

    • Phone is not coming a long. I’m not even trying, call me SIR LAZY. Not gaining weight but not losing any either. I’ll get back on schedule sometime. Don’t worry, I’ll call you anyway.

  1. How about Aaron Altman from “Broadcast News”? (Jane) “People called in to complain about your sweating?” (Aaron) No, they were NICE calls — worried I was having a heart attack. I lost one of your shoulder pads. I think it drowned.”

  2. Great round up. I also loved Steve Carrell’s character in Bruce Almighty. When Bruce had him speaking nonsense on the air, I totally lost it.

    And, Bray, thanks for asking about the weight loss. Someone has to hold Rich accountable.
    Rich, maybe you should wait until they get the antenna issue figured out anyway. That gives you a bit more time. 😉

    • I thought of Steve Carell, but I couldn’t remember which movie, he was hilarious in that in Bruce Almighty. I think they screwed it up when they did the sequel Evan almighty.

      I’m accountable. I’ve quit trying to lose weight because I’m lazy and I’m have a fun summer. I have failed so far, but fear not, I’ll get my butt in gear. And yes, it’s my fault I don’t have an iPhone yet so I only have myself to blame. But damn, I’ve been eating good lately, and by good I mean horrible.

      Memo to Gwen and Mirella if she’ll ever come around again, no F’bombs in my stories lately, it’s my new thing. Don’t tell Brian Bray, he’ll quit reading my blog. There was one in the Newscasters but that was Ron Burgundy’s catch phrase, not mine.

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