13 comments on “Tour de Fail

  1. I’m surprised you didn’t mention anything about the wide spread steroid use in not only this race but the sport in general. Around these parts besides my appearance in my suit (It gets bigger I swear) that’s all anybody talks about.

    I watch a bit of the race myself. Steroids or not steroids, these are some athletic mother fuckers.

    Speaking of athletic mother fuckers, how’s the weight loss coming? My phone wasn’t ringing yesterday as I predicted fucker!

    • I didn’t think I needed to comment on steroids and bike races. Much like I feel I don’t need to comment on they ride bikes, everyone knows they do both.

      Weight loss was off for the weekend. I was 10 pounds off on July 1st, what you think I cut off an arm since then?

  2. Very funny post Rich!
    I like the pictures of your lovely daughter and especially…
    especially Borat.. euh I mean Brian’s picture! lol lol lol
    I was in Paris in 2006 and saw the tour de France on the Champs Elysees!

    • Thanks Mirella. I bet that was a fun time watching the end of the race, too bad it wasn’t Lance. I went to Paris about 5 years ago and also loved it. Although I admit, I like London a lot more.

  3. That high-flying bike is scary. And I have a part in one book where the hero hits a dog that runs out in front of his bike. It was based on an event that happened to my dad’s friend. Of course, the dog is fine.

    Okay, that guy in the neon green banana hammock? Words fail me. I know, right?

  4. I didn’t realize so much about the race, it does seem just a little bit useless, especially the whole month-long bit now. Poor dogs getting hit left and right by riders and men dressing up like the devil and a hornet. Entirely different culture, sounds like quite a party over there!

  5. Let the guy in red tights with a fork thing in his hand crush all those who appose him and his hatred for boring sports.

    This comment was inspired by that guy ->


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  8. Very cute girl on the bike in the pink dress. But when she is older with a larger bike, she will need tough feet to handle the pedals that have the little spikes on them (bare feet can handle the plastic kind if they are tough enough, it takes someone who can walk on broken glass to pedal the steel spike kind!)

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