13 comments on “Fourth of July: World’s greatest holiday

  1. Happy 4th Of July!!! Lucky for you you get a long weekend out of it. We’re retarded over here and it fell on a Thursday.

    That BBQ is so fucking bad ass! I’d like one of my own but it won’t fit on my balcony.

    Easy on the beer today. You have a day before my weight prediction is official.


  2. I have a cousin who lost his eyes because of fireworks..
    sorry if spoiled the good fun mood of your post with my story…
    Happy 4th of July to you and your family Rich!

  3. OOUUCCHHHHH! @ firework fail photo, Rich can you please tell me that is not a real photo? I will never light another jumpin jack, roman candle, black kat, sparkler or anything else now that i’ve seen that.

    • I don’t know, I hijacked the photo off the internet. But, you should exercise some prudence when operating anything that you light on fire and then explodes. <——— just sayin.

      Happy 3rd, 4th and what the hell, 5th.

      • Oh dear! well whoevers hand that was lets hope its not the one they write with?? Happy 4th of July to you too Rich…your the coolest.

  4. I find the 4th of July largely uninteresting (except this year the Wimbledon men’s final is on the 4th). However, it deserves praise for the mere fact it doesn’t involve religion in any way.

    I wish people would play with fireworks on Christmas. I would love to see the neighborhood aflame with nativity scenes.

  5. Only here, right? That x-ray grossed me and hubby out.

    Great little Air Force recruiting video at the end there, complete with not-so-subliminal advertising. 😉 A-10s rock. Enjoy the holiday!

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