12 comments on “Best of June 2010

  1. Dude we need an update on the weight. If memory serves me correctly, KA said you would be at your target weight today.

    • I’ll jump on the god damn wii tonight but KA will be disappointed, no call’s from GATOR. I got hurt last week on the damn elliptical machine and caught a summer head cold, meaning every time I tried to work out I got dizzy..

      Anyway, official weigh in tonight. Tell KA probably no call. Although she can continue sexting me, no need to stop that.


  2. Listen fatty, you have 2 days to hit that weight for my prediction to be correct. Photoshop that shit if you have to.

    The sexting explains the constant trips to the bathroom with her cell. It all makes sense now.

    Seriously though, good luck with the weigh in.

  3. WEIGH IN UPDATE: 174.5 Thursday July 1st, 2010
    GOAL 165

    Gained 2.5 pounds since losing 6 yada, yada… Still down 3.5 but need to lose about 10 more lb’s.

    iPhone 4 NOT within grasp currently

    NO excuses, was not dedicated last week. again NO excuses. No way Brian will I make it in 2 days. Sorry KA, but don’t worry, you’re getting a call anyway… Why can’t she ever comment on my blog, if she really reads it?

  4. So I am leaving a comment since you requested it:)
    I am a little disappointed you didn’t lose the weight on the day I picked…tisk tisk…what you couldn’t have just drank a whole bunch of water?? lol
    But I do know how difficult it is to lose weight…so I can just give you some words of encouragement or tell you that I’ll send you naked pictures on your new iphone if you ever lose the weight…lol

    Keep it up!! 3.5lbs is better than no lbs!


  5. I’m wondering if I should be concerned about all the talk about sexting and naked photos.

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