21 comments on “Things that are okay to slam or throw at home

  1. Great post, Rich! The voice technology conversation had me in stitches. And I had this image of your game controller snapping back in your face that gave me fits. Luckily for my husband, I don’t slam things very often. I liked livingdilbert’s key idea though. My golden retriever is a bit too heavy. 😉

  2. Well my friend I can tell you that in this house everything you mentioned has been thrown at one point or another. Everything except the freezer door. That one was new to me but I see your point.

    Some of my other favorite things to throw around the house are the dog, the cat and of course the kids. They’re getting a little older now and are gaining weight pretty fast. That will have to stop soon I suppose.

    Great Post!

  3. I have broke a remote control before. I don’t remember what I was mad about, was 14 at the time..
    The voice technology made me laugh really hard!

  4. What about toys? “How many damn times do I have to tell you to get this Thomas the Train out of the kitchen?” *whips train down hallway*

    What about batteries being thrown by children? The day before Christmas my 3 year old threw a size D battery at my 3 month old, $1,200 laptop computer screen. I played it off good. I informed my seven holiday guests that I needed to go to the store to get milk…because 3 gallons of milk is clearly not enough. As soon as my car turned the corner I put it in park and cried, cursed and punched the steering wheel for about 13 minutes or so. I returned home with no milk.

    Slamming an empty adult beverage cup/quality glass on the kitchen counter. “Fill er’ up, these kids are driving me crazy. Come on,¡Vámonos!”

    Appliance doors; specifically the dryer door (typically slammed by a crying, fed up woman of the house) “Why am I the only one who does the fucking laundry around this place?!?!?”

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