22 comments on “Lady Gaga kicks ass

  1. Oh come on …you know you only like her for what she shows…and, by the way, you left out the Black Crows in those photos…Please…Well, I have to admit, I never knew who she was till you posted a picture of her. I have seen her name posted across the screen of my home page news briefs everyday though…and speaking of briefs…well, no let’s not speak about briefs. Anyway, yeah you have it right, in comparing her to Madonna…she, or someone promoting her has the Business fortitude up front, not to mention, a body to back it up…Reminds me of Madonna, & J-lo. And though I can honestly say that I have never knowingly heard a song by her…Probably has the promotional know -how-to-ativeness, of a Garth Brooks. You know, after all of his Hard Driving bizz-sensical push to the top of the charts; He then used the pro-ballers, free-agency and nascar greats, retirement plan, at the breech of his career…to begin a polite, yet, highly publicized, roll down the other side of fame…into retirement, a first for the music industry, so that from here on out every show is a million dollar bangger. Though I never really liked him much musically, I have to hand it to his business approach.
    Blog on Brother Man!!!

    • Black Crows rock, so do the Clash, Muse, U2 I could go on and on. Thanks for the nice comment as well, I need to hit you blog to return the favor.

    • You can’t say whore in the same post you apologize in, just can’t. I did the same thing to your story, don’t worry about it, because I really don’t. You can give it one star’s all you want, i actually think it’s funny. It’s just my stupid blog, if I amuse myself when I write it, then I’ve done good.

      “Whale’s Vagina”

    • I think you guys have the wrong Idea. I don’t really like Gaga that much, just commenting that she has a cool style. It’s too easy to slam her, so I took the high road and went with another approach..

  2. The paparrazzi song she did didn’t make me puke. It sounded kinda good in a post-1990s-music-mainly-turned-into-shit sort of way. Though that “Bad Romance” song is the one that got stuck in my head. The Gaga ooh la la I want your romance one. Gaga ain’t no Madonna. Madonna is the shiznit forever!!!!
    But you gotta find that Gaga gal amusing in her “I’m a narcissist” way.

  3. Laday Gaga just does’nt give a damn does she? Got to love a chick with balls, hey gator how are you buddy??
    cool post and i’ll be back as soon as I can because Lady gaga has got everybody going goo goo.

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