23 comments on “My quest for the new Apple iPhone 4 (First weigh-in update) 6.20.2010

  1. Do we call you Mr. The Shit or just Biggie L?? ๐Ÿ™‚

    That rocks – congrats on the weight loss and my vote’s that you’ll have that iPhone in no time flat.

    And I thought your weight loss post was funny as hell…. (channel Peanut from Jeff Dunham here)

  2. Dammit Martha. With posts like that you are in already in my favorite club. You are up there close to Gwen, Mirella and my bitch Brian. Quit being so nice, I’ll get a bigger head.

    Seriously, I’m awesome.

    I mean, seriously thanks for reading and enjoying.


  3. Hey Rich

    Kerry-Ann is going with June 30th for the date. If she wins and you call her, dirty talk is ok. Think of it as extra motivation.

    I myself will go with July 3rd. If I win and you call me dirty talk is also ok but make sure your talking about Megan Fox.

    Good luck!! Your off to a great start.

    • Sounds great, I’m now also shooting for June 30th. I need to talk to KA! I may call her regardless. Damn that’s 10 days.. ouch… May be a bit premature..

      I am off to a great start, remember I said I was awesome?

  4. “My wife is an evil dictator. My wife is an evil tyrant”
    hahaha LoL, LoL..
    did your wife know that you said that? :))
    what a funny blog. love it.
    congrats with your weight loss.. yayyyy

    • Yes, my wife was briefed about what I said, and then I let her read it. She was okay, she honestly could really give a shit about “my little blog”

      Thanks for the love. I’ll head over to your site and return the favor. Your shit better be entertaining or you owe me!
      Don’t congrats me on the weight loss, this is all about the phone. I plan on ballooning up to 300lbs after I get it.

  5. Your wife is a sainted woman. Tell her hi.

    I am now going to blame you for the hour of my 30s I will never get back because I just downloaded Lose it! on my iPhone and entered every horrible thing I ate today. Stupid father’s day and the pancakes I made for my husband.

    What I love about Lose it! are the big red letters that tell you that you have exceeded your daily calorie allotment by 75%.

  6. Rich: I was briefly concerned about your unrealistic approach to a long-term healthy lifestyle, but then I remembered. It’s all about the phone. I’m going to go with July 9th, since I’m the conservative friend (socially–not politically–speaking).

    I think the world will be a better place when you get your damn iPhone 4. Then you’ll be able to think of something else to post about. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Good luck!

    • What’s unrealistic about losing 13 pounds in 3 months? My wife was giving me till Sept 13th. That’s pretty much only a pound a week.

      Working out and eating less, that’s not an unrealistic approach is it?

      C’mon Gwen

  7. wahoo!! Great job fatty!!! When i was loosing my baby weight I started eating the healthy choice meals. Lost all my baby weight within 6 weeks that way!=) Good luck!!!


    Shut your whore mouth no ones reading this blog anyway. There all over at mine.

  8. Please, don’t even think twice about it. If people are over here reading my blog they are not easily offended, trust me.

    PS- Do you even have 15 followers yet on Twitter?

    Blah Blah Toy story, Blah Blah my neighbor is creepy ~ Shut your whore mouth

  9. I told you I love the application Loose it! isn’t it great?
    If you want to pay a little bit more money you can get the Go Wear FIt arm band… it is addictive, but I guess if you had to pay for it you’d rather get yourself the new Iphone ๐Ÿ™‚

    You look good Rich in the picture with your kids, now Brian cannot come up with your lookalike anymore lol lol lol.
    Seriously you look like Nicolas cage and andy Garcia…. if only you were not OVERWEIGHT hahaha (teasing!)

  10. I’m totally late on this here blog, but you drew me in with cartoons sucking. I had planned to post a comment but then I saw that you featured the crazy bitch GaGa so I got offended, but then you reeled me back in with “Fuck you Jared”.

    So, I gather you have to lose about 7 pounds. My guess date is July 3rd. Why July 3rd? because you will mentally starve and exercise yourself to death knowing you can reward yourself with some good old fashioned American BBQ the following day. Best wishes.

    PS: I’m also on a health plan and need to drop 17 pounds but my blog isn’t half as entertaining as yours is.

  11. I appreciate your honesty. to be honest myself, I wasn’t sure what way to go with the whole Gaga deal. I usually just rip assholes no problem but something told me to try to do something unpredictable and try and do the hard story and see her as a bad ass. Anyway, I tried and I think the post was so-so.

    Glad I won you back with Cartoons and with Fuck you Jared, that makes me happy. Come back often. Good luck with you weight loss, I’ll check your blog out as well.

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