22 comments on “My quest for the new Apple iPhone 4

  1. Ahahahahaha!!!!! Way to get started Tubby.

    In all seriousness this is a brilliant plan. I wish you luck and if you don’t keep us updated, I’ll ask.

    • In all seriousness, yes Brian I am brilliant. I’ve been telling you that for a long time. Don’t worry, I’ll keep everyone updated. When I get that new iPhone I will post that bitch on here first! Unless you want me to unveil it on the “lookitsbray” blog, we’ll talk about that later. Maybe I’ll give you the first exclusive interview. First you, then CNN.

  2. I’m glad you are doing this for the fitness. Why you are doing it for the iPhone mystifies me. This one has a new screen and is slimmer. That’s about it.

    And it doesn’t change the fact it is still on AT&T, the worst provider. I’m guessing that without the iPhone, AT&T would have already been out of business in the cell market.

    • I want the new iPhone because I love it and use all of it’s functions. I take video of the kids and pictures of the kids and email them daily to mommy and other family.

      I want HD video, the screen image is tons better and it’s NEW.

      Plus my iphone face is cracked and plus I want one damnit. AT&T sucks but they all suck to a certain degree.

  3. Too funny, Rich. Your Mii rocks. 😉

    How could you not want the iPhone 4? It has a gyroscope, HD video, and a better screen. And it’s new. Your poor phone has been abused and you really deserve a new one.

    I think the weight loss for phone prospect is a great compromise. Have you downloaded LoseIt! for iPhone yet? It’s helped me and my husband immensely in our efforts to slim down a bit. And it’s free.

  4. HILARIOUS!!! I think you and my husband are twins. He always ask for random shit and then makes me feel bad for saying no. And he is always asking to buy a new phone. But my theory is…if yours works just fine then there is no need for a new phone till christmas or your birthday=) lol awesome blog! I added you to my blog roll!

    • Aren’t you the sweetest! I’ll run over and check out your blog. You said so many nice things I’m blushing… Except the part where you agree with my wife 😉

  5. LOL LOL LOL Funny post Rich
    I love when you show the pictures where you gained weight LOL LOL LOL
    How about hiking? IT worked for Jim…
    Well good luck!

    PS: How on earth did you break your Iphone screen? I dropped mine so many time and never break it!
    and you have sooooooo many application!!! 5 pages? I saw the dots…

    oh one more thing, there is this application called Lose it! (with exclamation mark) it did help me loose weight until I got my Go Wear Fit….
    Humm you just gave me an idea for my next post!

    • Thanks Mirella, glad you had a chucke and I’m glad I gave you inspiration for a new post. Make sure to give me FULL CREDIT!

      I didn’t break my iPhone screen, the God Damn tile floor broke it!!!

      Yes, I like apps, and you’re a good counter. Most are free apps with a few 99 cent one’s sprinkled in.

  6. on the Iphone pictures you should put DENIED instead of FAIL…. lol lol
    This is what we put on the passport when we refuse a visa at the American Embassy LOL LOL LOL

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