15 comments on “World Cup Fever? No, more like World Cup nausea followed by world class runs

  1. I’m the coolest mother fucker on earth because I really don’t give a shit.

    I think you missed you calling dude…

    ” the winner of this one is clearly the winner of the game. While the loser is forced to probably play again vs. another team on another day”

    That my friend is some serious sports reporting. Never mind the comedian bullshit. Your true calling is to be a sports reporter.

    Great blog.


  2. It surprises me that Americans don’t care more about soccer since most kids grow up playing it these days. Of course, I only care about sports if I’m playing. I leave the watching and stressing to other folks. Thanks for the intro to the world of World Cup.

    Have you ever listened to the sports recaps on BBC? It’s fascinating because it’s a whole different set of sports (notably cricket and soccer) and the competitors are from all over the world. We’re so isolated in the US. It’s kind of sad.

  3. An American sports fans once told me:
    “I can’t follow soccer, not enough points. For a sport to be a success here it needs lots of scoring. You can never have enough scoring.”
    Me: “Have you ever watched cricket?”
    “Yeah, hated it. Too much scoring. Couldn’t follow what the hell was going on.”

    Is there some sort of Goldilocks median of scoring that’s “just right” that you lot haven’t informed the rest of the world?

    • American’s don’t love soccer because they love football, baseball, basketball and hockey. I think they like soccer but since they would rather follow the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and Nascar they don’t know enough about the sport. Plus if American’s think it’s another countries sport, then it usually isn’t a priority here.

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