14 comments on “Attack of the 80’s remakes: Maybe they aren’t all shit

  1. I am also looking forward to the new Karate Kid, I love jaden, he is a fun kid.
    Rich I live when you say: “It actually looks pretty good, they go to China, Jaden gets beat down and then I assume he gets the girl and wins the tournament after only practicing for a few weeks.” lol lol lol lol
    I love the pictures!
    Thanks Rich

  2. I was all over the new A-Team movie until I saw the previews and also heard what Mr. T had to say. Now, I have no interest.

    G.I. Joe really fuked things up for me. I had so much faith in that movie and it turned out to be one of the worst I have ever seen.

    Red Dawn: DO NOT TOUCH IT! Leave it alone. Don’t even bother with the remake. It’s perfect all on it’s own.

    Great Blog!!!

  3. I just want to say I am sorry for all the misspelling, it is because I write from my Iphone some times and I can hardly see what I am writing, sorry!
    Have a great week-end Rich.

  4. I can’t believe you are endorsing the A-Team. It looks absolutely horrible. The series was tolerable as camp, and because Dirk Benedict was riding his fame as Starbuck on Battlestar Galactica…but if the trailer’s “funny lines” aren’t funny, I doubt the movie gets better. The old Schwarzenegger and Stallone one-liners were better than that trailer.

    A better question would be what the hell has happened to Liam Neeson’s career that he took this part? The only thing we didn’t see in the trailer is Neeson saying “I love it when a plan comes together.”

  5. In spite of myself, I want to go see the A-team. I’m not expecting a masterpiece, it’s an action film. I expect some funny one-liners, lots of action, and plenty of Bradley Cooper close ups. He is Face after all… 😉

    • I know that these posts are a little dated and alot of there “movies” have infact been released, but….ahh FUCK IT!!!! Every remake i’ve seen so far (minus A-Team) has been a total dissapointment. I mean, where is the fuckin’ origionality?? I grew up in this generation, and I still fail to see the ironic irony in remaking all the movies from a decade that has barely passed us by. As far as cinamatic history is concerned, are we really that “tapped out”, as far as being able to generate origional content is concerned?? Don’t turn all the the great themes into theme parks!! PLEASE, don’t cheapen our cinematic expereance by re-making, and ruining all the things that made growing up in the 80’s “special”. Find your own god damn’ franchises, and enjoy them!!! Let’s look at this generation as worthy of contributing something special, and I swear to god,….IT WILL!!!

      Have faith, My friends……..We can do it!!!!!


      P.S- I’m sooo sorry about the spelling, and grammer misstakes! I’m a little drunk and nostalgic!!

      • This thread looks as if it’s dead! Let’s bring it back! This topic is more relavent now than ever (concidering all the remakes) PEOPLE!!!

        Never Ending Story
        Back To The Future

      • I agree 100% In Hollywood it’s all about the $$$ If there is a proven franchise, they’ll either make a few sequels, prequels or just redo the entire movie again. It sucks, but what do you expect out of Los Angeles?

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