19 comments on “Where is the Bionic man?

  1. Yeah, don’t kid yourself…you well know that technology has vastly exceeded the mechanics of Steve Austin, and the Billion Body Girl…We have the technology to make YOU lift your own car..and body slam an entire family of implants, from some non-global guv supporting country…into oblivion…

    The monumental evidence is that you obviously….don’t remember doing it….

    signed: Manchurian candy ass maker.

    • Jetpacks. Damnit, I totally missed that. I really should have included jetpacks in my story. Good call. They did promise those back in the day. Instead I get Super Monkey Ball 2

  2. Great post… Reminds me of an old IBM commercial with actor Avery Brooks. He was on the Brooklyn Bridge in NYC saying. “When I was a kid we were told cars will fly in the future. Where are the flying cars? I want my flying car!”

  3. Flying cars, another one I missed. Oh well, I will store all of this in my vast memory and break it out for part 2 one day.

    I would really like a flying car though.

  4. Think while your at it you could make a blueprint for milking beer out of common house plants? That would be fucking rad!

    Thanks in advance.

    BTW….I laughed out load at the Robocop / Mall cop comparison. That shit was funny.

  5. You have such a good memory Rich to remember all those shows!!
    Thank you for the journey on memory lane:)

  6. Well, that’s good Gator, good to know that you still have total recall of that section of the brain that we haven’t seeded…it would not be so funny if you began to recall some of the more useful knowledge, as, well, lets just say that it is classified information…but, I for one prefer the comic section over the classified…so Keep up the great work!!!

    • I never know what I’m going to get from you sonsofthunder but today I love the reply. Thanks for the nice note and I’m trying to keep the comedy coming.

  7. Yeah, well, it’s good stuff…and as far as what you may get from me…you’ll get it one day. Maybe, in little bits and pieces… but, according to all of our other subjects, eventually, it all comes back …

  8. There has been a great deal of research on the bionic eye, and prosthetic equipment, however we’ve relatively advanced to human fancy and necessities. The business is to attract the masses, the populous determines the winning candidate. Even there is research on bionic equipment, android– the necessity of it isn’t tangible within our era.

    sorry if I sound semi-serious in half your blogs! good work. We could send land rovers to have a further inspection on Europa!

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