6 comments on “Memo to BP: Get your shit together now

  1. Jesus, it is scary as hell. Unreal. Thank you for a much-needed laugh today! You say what you think…and I love it. Just subscribed so that I can laugh daily. I fricking need it.

    • Thx for the very nice comment livingdilbert, you might be the perfect reader. You came over and laughed, left a kick-ass comment and subscribed, I think I love you! Please come over anytime.

  2. Sooooooooo sad this disaster!! My heart is also aching for the birds!!! so sad!!!!
    Thanks Rich for this post, you are speaking on our behalf!
    I will go for free Gas for Louisiana LOL LOL LOL.

  3. Just found you today, great post. It’s like they’re trying to stop a hemorrage w/ a maxi pad. I’m glad you told ’em off! So funnnnnnny too!

  4. Bravo. You expressed my feelings much better than I could. And I smiled too. And love to hate the ShamWow guy. The worst is that this whole thing could have been prevented. Very sad.

    Gotta laugh at the FarmVille wallpaper. Love it.

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