22 comments on “Enough already with the god damn Vampire shit

  1. Yes! The vampire craze is annoying. I took my kids to the bookstore and my son groaned at the endless vampire books in the teen section.

    Also, paranormal romance is the hottest subgenre of romance right now. This year I hear vampires are saturated and they’re looking for demons and angels. Of course, I’ve never been fashionable, so I don’t write that stuff.

    I love your Vampire Idol idea. Are you sure Simon isn’t a vampire anyway? 😉

    • It’s everywhere, everywhere. I guess as long as the 18’s-24’s like it, target demo for advertisers, Vampires are going to be here for a while.

      • Well, only until the sun comes up… right ? Eeeeeek, Who’s bright idea were these sunglasses?
        Okay, yeah, but, I will give you this Rich… The picture you posted of Abraham Lincoln as the Vampire Hunter, closely resembled what I think of when the word “Zombie” comes to light…
        Come to think of it… Woody Harrellson favors John Wilkes Booth a bit.

        Wait, this just in …from a testing lab just outside of Transylvania …Foster Grant has indeed been confirmed as being the first known Vampire.

        Those living in the countries of Texas, Mexico, or the USA are urged to avoid anyone wearing pointed beards, Foster Grants, Cool Rays, ( or, counterfeit shades known as, CHEAP SUNGLASSES) especially if they are waiting for a bus, and listening to ZZ top songs…avoid at all cost…And now back to our regularly scheduled programming…sponsored by hell-of-a-good products.

  2. I have no idea what you are all talking about! What vampire?
    I never watch or read about them.
    I hate blood!

    • I got tired of my old blog layout, it’s been a month, it was time to change. I have a web address but haven’t done anything with it yet. One of these days I’ll convert my blog to the web address. One day…

    • Great question. This vampire and zombie craze has been with us long enough. I understand the popularity and I let it go for quite a while but I can’t stand it anymore. It’s time the Vamp and Zomb free pass was over. I’m declaring war.

  3. Well, I must admit Rich, though the language is a little bloodcurdlingly terrorizing here in Gatorville, I wouldn’t miss one of your rants…but, lay off of Chef Ramsey…Or, well, okay, you could probably go heads up with him in the language department… But, personally, I like a chef who can double at cleaning house…

    Keep up the good work in the chuckles department…

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  6. Great wordpress blog here.. It�s hard to find quality writing like yours these days. I really appreciate people like you! take care and see you soon

  7. Good spoken, where is the rest of the Vampire demolishing . As far i know it started when buffy stopped fluffying in vampire slayering cartoons. Then all hell broke loose with Angel. Yet another disaster in vampirecartooning. From this period lot a people started to like mory very bad vampire like movies. Sorry to say but it all started in the US and not all good thinks fly over to Europe because here it is too a Everybody likes vampire bull
    Please stop this so called Vampire bullshit. Give me bad B films like Dracula with Christopher Lee or some slayerworks with Vincent Price. Lot of people have a religion that looks like a fairytail but will not believe that Shrenk is a nephew from God and Edward Scissorhands is a communist.
    That’s why vampire movies are so hot at the moment. People want’s to be, ore believe in something that really is not possible.
    Bad spelling from a country where they kill and eat little children for breakfast and make sausage of their blood.

  8. It’s not the vampires themselves that are terrible, it’s the laughable teenage drama in all of the shows and movies that’s ridiculous.
    Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter was awesome because it was about the story, not the drama.

  9. Vampire movies and TV series are being called science fiction. Actually they are all fiction and no science. They are also freaking boring. How many times can you watch some teenage girl get chased by a vampire and then get saved at the last minute? Where are the REAL science fiction shows? Where is the next Startrek? The next Stargate? I’d rather watch “The Day the Earth Stood Still”, with its primitive take on “advanced” alien cultures. Cripe, even the Jetsons was better than all this vampire shit.

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