7 comments on “Maximize your iPhones idiots

  1. Oh my God, I had no idea about the camera, I never believed that they worked actually! Am going now to try some downloads.
    See you later.
    Thanks Rich!

  2. Well now I’m confused. First you tell me the weather forecasters don’t know what the hell they’re doing, then you tell me to buy a weather app. Make up your freaking mind.

    Seriously, great ideas, though. Thanks, Rich! 😉

    • Forecasters don’t know crap but that is universal. Get your own weather app and at least you can get the data on your own without the weather nimrod. My blog dammit, my rules, just keep packing up sweet home alabama

  3. We don’t allow Blackberry people here, no?

    Rich I downloaded 2 application, the weather one and camera/video one.
    The weather channel application is excellent! I love it! and it is free.
    The video one, is called Qik, cost 1.99, it is not too bad, I played with it the entire evening…

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