11 comments on “A pie chart of what I do as a stay at home dad

  1. The dumb part is that rabbits eat carrots, so they shouldn’t need glasses…

    Okay, did my tweet today about my dog’s poop spark this? At any rate, thank God my kids are long done with the diapers and the potty training and the “Mommy, can you wipe my bottom?” refrain that used to echo through the house.

    The good news is that you’re not so old as to be in diapers yourself. Yet. Love the pie chart!

  2. I really think it’s more like 8% for you and 2% somewhere else. Your Graphics degree is doing you much better than my Communications degree, even if it is from Villanova. Cheers!

    I tell you why: there is this dad blogger who take care of 3 children and he talks about it on his blog, he has high traffic just by telling his sad sorrow stories about taking care of his toddlers…..but you in your post today, you are hilarious! I love the way you make fun of the situation.
    Dad like you are adorable!!!!!
    However, you gotta get rid of the dog and the cat and take more time for yourself to go manicure and pedicure. LOL LOL LOL

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