24 comments on “I know we all loved the 80’s but seriously WTF were we wearing?!?

  1. That is hilarious….yeah I’m from the 80’s too…I don’t remember it being as bad as it looks here. Maybe I repressed those memories…lol.

    Thanks for a good laugh!

    p.s. now that I think of it….the 80’s made ALL guys look gay….lol….and I’m not talking the happy frolicking kind of gay.

  2. I thought that was you in the slide show. The 80s were awful. I still find myself wanting to buy baggy t-shirts. Thanks for the Clooney eye candy, especially after yesterday’s post! As bad as they looked though, I appreciated the Duran Duran photo too. I used to have the biggest crush on John Taylor. Like stalkerish, cut pictures out of Tiger Beat magazine for a scrapbook ridiculous. *red face*

    When talking the 80s, the humor just writes itself, doesn’t it? 🙂

  3. Don’t worry the 80’s fashion is making it is way back…yes, the pads on the shoulders and the boyfriend blazers…wait and see

    You will soon be trashing the 2000’s….hahaha
    Great post Rich!

    I love your new Tech addition: the slide pictures show!

  4. I was born in the eighties, and I still have vivid memories… ahmm…. nightmares about them. First up: leggings: I wonder why anyone would wanna run around with legs looking like two pink mortadella rolls – unless you’re paid for it, and I mean big time. Do you remember those Bold&Beautiful shoulder pads, I-just-emptied-the-hairspray-can updos, and fake one million dollar smiles? What about the Pet Shop Boys, Cher, Billy Idol… oh I could go on and on…

    • Yeah, I know everyone of those idiots you are referring too. Including: legwarmers, hair spray and yes shoulder pads for both male and females.. Thanks for coming by the blog, please come back again.

  5. …is that a boner in vanilla ice’s pants?

    Disturbing topics aside, this post had me rocking in my seat from laughter for like 5 minutes straight. 😀 And I’m in the library so I can tell you that those near me are not in the least bit amused! Being a 90s baby has never felt so good 🙂

    • Disclaimer: Don’t read my blog in the library!! You’ll laugh too loud, lol..

      Thanks for the nice comments, that is awesome. I’m glad you interrupted those poor saps reading in the library. Come back and laugh often.

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