10 comments on “Playboy to display 3D centerfold or should I say 3 double DD’s centerfold

  1. Crazy. I never would have thought… BTW, I think it’s Hugh’s daughter that’s running the empire now. He’s just enjoying the fruits of his labors, so to speak…

  2. Hey, I’m only mad a Hugh because I’m jealous. I don’t care who’s running the empire now, they just need to quit trying to reinvent the wheel. That magazine is hard to screw up but I guess that doesn’t mean they can’t try.

  3. This is a weird idea… Well it might be cause I’m a girl :P! But when I first read about this idea… I was speechless. Nothing to say.

  4. When I read your blog I thing about your children, and ask myself did they start reading your blog yet? or they just enjoy the pictures?
    Just kidding….
    There is nothing wrong with your blog rich! teasing you:)

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