10 comments on “Arizona removes May 5th from the calandar! Replaces it with May 4.5

  1. Ohhh LOL LOL LOL OHHH this is sooo funny!!!

    Especially when you say :”Mexico declined all comments because they were out of the office, drunk and beating the shit out of pinatas all day. We assumed that was because of the Mexican holiday but the locals say that happens every Wednesday.”
    Rich your post is hilarious!!!
    Thank you I needed the laugh LOL LOL LOL

    • Thank Mirella, just a little something I threw together 😉 I appreciate the digg and retweet, you’re one of my favorite followers!!
      And Tequila Bot made another appearance!

  2. Absolutely nothing wrong with pinatas and their shit-beating. Plus, you always get rewarded after hitting the piss out of them. Talk about positive reinforcement!

    • I’m with you. Any ‘game’ that involves hitting the shit out of something till it’s dismembered is okay in my book. Plus the pay-off at the end is double bonus, candy, money, blood whatever. 😉

  3. Funny. Just to be a downer, I do have to say that most of my friends in AZ think the law is just as stupid as the rest of us. It’s the politicians that are screwed up. AZ has a long history of that. 😉


    • It’s like that in much of South Florida as well. We had a drive way and lots of rocks and a few palm trees in the front yard. The backyard had some grass but mostly hot pavement and hot rocks..

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