9 comments on “The World’s dumbest Apps (Part 1)

  1. Funny but sad. It’s unbelievable what people come up with. My husband downloaded the virtual lighter. It’s amusing once. Maybe if we ever attended a concert, or needed to light a virtual cigarette…

  2. Rich this post is excellent!!!
    I could tell that you you put lots effort and research doing it! and I also can say that you enjoyed doing the analusis!
    Great post!!!

    I have a secret to share: I only download free apps on my Iphone:) LOL LOL
    I only paid for Suddoku once I think:)
    Cannot wait for part two:)

    • 🙂 me blushing.. Thx for the kind words. I’m loving this comedy outlet and it shows. I need to become a better writer and I feel I’m doing that. I’ve only done this blog for a month and a half and I’m soooo glad I started it.

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