9 comments on “Celebrity phone call: Reality calls Brendan Fraser

  1. I’ve never been succinct, that’s for sure. While Brendan Fraser may be a nice guy and has done some decent movies as a whole he’s made a lot of bad choices. Except for his birthday of course 🙂
    Thx for reading and commenting

  2. Oh My !!! what is this picture of Brendan Fraser?
    Is this “David” body? Of the sculpture of Michael Angelo?
    Any way,
    I am glad that my vision is back,
    and it was a delightful picture to exercise my vision on!

    Thanks Rich for the post!
    Hilarious like usual!!!

    (I agree Brendan is a very talented nice guy with a very bad luck with movies!!!)

    • I don’t know what that ‘naked’ picture is from but it begged to be the headline picture of the blog.

      Brendan has a following probably biggest with tweeners for this Journey to the Center of the earth and others like it. He seems like a good guy, just weird movie choices in my opinion. But he’s laughing all the way to the bank and I’m typing away at a free blog so I guess he still wins. 🙂

      Welcome back Mirella


    your to funny and your so real, love the I dont give-a-damn attitude and you have made the funniest post of the year seriously, I have missed your blog and so glsad i`m back on here…apparently i’ve been missing out. I’ve never thought about it till now but he does kinda suck in movies, same facial expressions, tone from these you listed to the Mummy and in between. There is no versitility in the charaters he plays…not much at all.

    this is a classic post!

    • Wow, I think that is one the greatest comments I’ve ever had.. Thank you sooo much. That is so nice.. I appreciate the kind words, it means a lot. Please refer your friends and come back often!


  4. I hope that first pic is photo shopped because if not then his body is all wrong
    anytime gater its been awhile since i’ve been on here i remember you from posting one or twice on our blog…some how we lost you in the sea-of-other-blogs

    i’ll be back!

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