9 comments on “20 year old girl banned from EVERY bar in England

  1. Not my girl Amy!! she is untouchable, I love her and I give her free pass with everything she does!
    Stay away from my girl Amy Winehouse, Rich:)

    I love you Amy!!!!!!!


  2. A bad picture of Amy Winehouse? That was one of many which defined her in 2008. It looks like she may be back with Blake, so we’ll have more pictures like the one above to look forward to.

    Gator, I like your rogue’s gallery of hard drinking celebs. Nick Nolte is particularly impressive. It makes me feel better (and a little less ashamed) about our home grown that you kindly bought to our attention. As a Brit, I would’ve written about it if I could’ve been arsed, but you got there first. On the serious side, I hope she sorts herself out. To be banned from every place in the land is quite some feat. Just one thing: what would stop others from buying drink for her so she could get off her face in the privacy of her own home?

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