9 comments on “Pictures and Polls: Gaga the wedding crasher

  1. I think Darth Vader’s feeling a bit ignored. His evil pales in comparison to the church He just thought maybe if he tagged along, people would notice him again.

  2. LOL polls are hilarious… I can’t believe Gaga just went into a random wedding! Lucky couple… I guess? Haha, I like your play with words on that one 😛

  3. Gaga is a party animal!

    I was actually surprised by the new Pomplamoose video, which I actually prefer over Gaga’s rendition.

  4. I feel the same way midipour. I don’t really listen to Gaga but I did like the Telephone song by Pomplamoose. Crazy right, it’s very catchy when the do it.
    Thanks for reading and listening!

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