7 comments on “Hang tight Cubs fans it’s only been 102 years!

  1. Rich, I share your angst. The same thing has happened to my Detroit Lions football team – there was also a curse that they wouldn’t be competitive for fifty years. Every summer the newspapers are filled with promising articles and perspectives to hype us up – only to crush your hopes by Thanksgiving. I’m such a braveheart that I will continue to watch a game until the final whistle even if the Lions are behind by 30 points which has happened a lot over the years. / John

  2. Rich, I don’t suppose I’ll get much sympathy if I point out that my Detroit Tigers haven’t won a championship since 1984. Didn’t think so. 😦


  3. 1984! That’s really not that long ago compared to 1908! But, to be fair that is a while ago. Who was in that series, Trammell and Whittaker. What a duo up the middle of the diamond. Jack Morris pitching?

  4. Couple of comments about that boxscore:

    Gibson as usual World Series stud. 3-4, 2 HR’s, 5 RBI’s

    Gossage got tagged for 4 runs in just over an inning of work

    Gwynn: 0-5 (what? when did he ever go 0-5)

  5. Ah, thank you for that, Rich. I love the old boxes. That 0-5 for Tony Gwynn is indeed a shocker.

    You know, that was SUPPOSED to be a Cubs-Tigers World Series. The Cubs were leading the Padres in the NLCS, and baseball purists everywhere were hoping for a matchup between those two brawling horse-towns. But… ’twas not to be. 😦

    Look on the bright side. At least the Cubs don’t play here… 🙂

    Welcome to Vagisil Field!

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