16 comments on “Is the Apple iPad really going to save the Universe?

  1. Thx so much Mirella, this story was a lot of fun.

    I did see Modern Family, it’s my new favorite show.

    Thanks again for all the help, please keep in touch


  2. Mirella,


    Come back over and retweet and digg me!

    You’re my new online best friend. I’m heading over to your blog to retweet, digg and subscribe…



    • Thanks Chris,
      I want one of those phones too, however I think we’re about 20 years too late! Maybe there will be an APP that changes the iPad into a “real phone”


  3. Nintendo is doing something similar with the DSi XL, which I believe was released yesterday, or the day before that- doesn’t matter. Before, the initiative for technological advancements [in handheld devices] was to down the weight and size, along with cramming in as many applications, and to reframe the devices’ architecture. I’m not honestly sure, but Nintendo suggested that the targeted demographic was ‘older’ gamers who wouldn’t otherwise pick up a handheld because it would strain their eyes. This is relatively true with iTouch, and the webrowsing/ text reading application, I personally can’t stand it, and I’m 20!

    btw, how would I be about to suscribe to you via wordpress? Does RSS go straight to mail?

  4. Midipour. It absolutely makes my day when someone subscribes to my blog, you’re the BEST! Thanks so much!!

    At my home page you can input your email in the box on the top of my column on the right. It’s labeled Email Subscription. IT will alert you when I have a new posting. Thank you, Thank you.. I appreciate it sooo much..


  5. Wow, that was informative. You’re like my new news source, I hadn’t heard about this IPad business out here in my moldy cave. How silly. It does look very star trek, they probably just wanted people to want them because it’s almost the year Kirk arrives to explore the universe for us. Oh my god, that reminds me, have you seen Shatner on the Mount? It’s amazing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HU2ftCitvyQ&playnext_from=TL&videos=v5kf8QrJjD0

    Watch it right now!!

  6. If atomicgator is your news, we’re all in trouble.. LOL

    That Shatner is funny, thanks for all the reading sovereignfugue, I really appreciate all your business!! 🙂


  7. Funny, loved the Gekko Magum dialogue, Gekko: You too Magnum, tell the mustache I said hello.

    You should be writing for tv.

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