14 comments on “This is why Graphic Designers will always have jobs!

  1. now that’s just embarrassing. especially coming from a big company like Ace? They have stores here and we’re halfway around the globe from you guys.

    great post though 😀

  2. since we’re actually analyzing the typography of this sign, what really bothers me is the descender of the y is missing. planning people, planning.

  3. I bit.ly hyphened your URL, and use this editorial as a tweet “Will graphic designers always find a job http://bit.ly/b8Xwle” — Basic rhetoric, no conclusive opinion to keep it fair.

    Towards my perspective, it’s an illogical fallacy to believe graphic designers will always have a job. Sure, most business owners would love to have a creative genius aboard his track, but the real question is can they afford it, and whether the demand is there (present).

  4. for instance, many chains had to cut down on products and focus on the necessities. Do you ever notice when a fastfood fastens a less appealing, simplistic approach, or how about when the quality of a napkin drops down cardboard. Cardboard shirts?

  5. Thx for the comments midipour. You do realize this was just a comedy story right? Not meant to be taken seriously. Purely for amusement. Thx for coming by.

  6. Well, yeah, I know that, but this article is a hyperbole of the truth. 😐 Kind of like Lady Gaga. lol

  7. I’m not really a graphic designer, I didn’t go to school for it or anything, but any fool with a little time and creativity can make a pretty sign! Or so I thought… You should check out my flickr page sometime, then you can see my art. I don’t do much drawing these days, I’m totally addicted to more multi-dimensional art at the moment.

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